Comparing Fridge Styles

When you’re shopping for a car, don’t you look at several different models to see which offers you the most advantages? Well, you should be doing the same thing when you’re shopping for a refrigerator. While you’re comparing fridge styles, take things like maintenance and convenience into account.

Top Freezer

This is the most traditional fridge style, mostly due to the economical price point. For those looking for a refrigerator to fit your basic needs, this model is a good fit. The only downside is bending down to get food out of the fridge.

Bottom Freezer

These offer the same perks as top freezer styles, as well as some other benefits like drawer-style freezer door options and being slightly larger size than top freezers. They are also around the same price at top freezers.


Side-by-side styles allow you to get to your fridge and freezer with equal ease. While you get a bit more flexibility in how you organize your food, due to the in-door storage, you may have less general storage space due to the vertical style.

French Door

While this style can sometimes be less energy efficient, these models offer fancier features such as multiple freezer drawers and the ability to match kitchen cabinetry. A major downside, however, is that they tend to be larger so they’re not great for smaller kitchens.

No matter what fridge style sits in your kitchen, you’ll always need refrigerator repairs — you’ll need Speedy Refrigerator Service. We’ve been serving Long Island and NYC for 75 years, so you can trust us with your repair needs. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 866-782-9376.


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