Healthy Valentine’s Day Recipes

Valentine’s Day is a day filled with love, teddy bears, and chocolate – tons and tons of chocolate. Unfortunately, all that chocolate can really pack on the pounds and  make you feel sluggish. Don’t let your sweet treats rain on your Valentine’s Day parade! Swap out all those candies for some of these healthy recipes options instead.


  • Egg in a Basket: Use a cookie mold to cut a heart shape in a piece of bread, and place it in a buttered pan. Crack an egg in the hole, and cook it until firm. Place it over another piece of toast, and dig in!
  • Strawberry Love Muffins: Swap out sugary cupcakes for these delicious (read: healthier) muffins. They include better ingredients like Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, coconut oil, and whole wheat flour.
  • Healthy V-Day Cookies: Cookies are a necessity for every holiday. Instead of the usual white flour and sugar base, these cookies use whole-wheat flour, honey, and natural peanut butter to achieve their yummy taste.
  • Fruit Chocolate Box: Swap out the box of chocolates for a box of chocolate covered fruits. Dip strawberries, bananas, or pineapples into your favorite kind of melted chocolate.You can even sprinkle coconut flakes or granola on them for an extra kick.


  • Red Berry Smoothie: If you and your honey really just want to dive in on the chocolates, try to balance out your day with a healthy smoothie. With yummy ingredients like celery, strawberries, and raspberries, you’ll both love this Valentine’s themed treat.
  • Blood Orange Margarita: Start happy hour off right with these deliciously tart margaritas. Packed with Vitamin C from oranges and limes, these drinks have no added sugar and are so tasty.
  • Whiskey Sour Slush: This frozen cocktail will rival drinks made by even your favorite bartenders. With fresh fruit and healthy citrus fruits, you’ll feel guilt-free spending your night sipping on these.

Don’t let a holiday ruin your health. Try out these healthier Valentine’s Day recipes instead, and have fun with your significant other. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day from Speed Sub Zero Repairs!

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