Tips for Improving Your Fridge’s Efficiency

Your fridge is the biggest workhorse in your kitchen. It’s on 24/7 making sure your food stays fresh and tasty. It holds your delicious smoothie ingredients, your kids’ favorite snacks, and your dog’s canned food. Even so, there’s no denying that your fridge costs you a big chunk of change when you get your energy bill each month. That’s why we’re going to give you some tips for improving your fridge’s efficiency.

Watch the Temperature

Your fridge temperature can change as the weather and overall temperature in your home change. Keep an eye out, and make sure your fridge is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, so your food stays safe.

Check the Door Gasket

If your gasket is damaged, it can allow air to leak out and make your fridge work harder to keep a constant temperature. A harder-working fridge makes for higher energy bills. If your gasket is, in fact, damaged, Speedy can repair it quickly with a part from our “warehouse on wheels.”

Allow for Good Airflow

Give your fridge enough room to do its job — at least one inch on each side. This allows air to circulate around the outside of your unit. Additionally, don’t pack food too tightly inside your fridge. A lack of space can limit airflow and cause a decrease in your fridge’s efficiency and potentially damage your unit.

Change the Condenser Coil Regularly

Turn off your fridge, and clean the condenser coil underneath it to remove dirt buildup that causes your fridge to use more energy or even break down. If your fridge does break down, you’ll want to call Speedy!

For any and all refrigerator repairs, call Speedy Sub Zero Repairs. You can even get $25 off of your repair with our coupon. For more information or to schedule a repair in Nassau County, Queens, or NYC, call 866-782-9376.

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