Why Your Fridge Feels Hot

Have you ever walked over to get something out of your fridge and noticed it feels hot to the touch? While it’s normal for it to feel warm, since it’s a running machine, if your fridge feels too hot, there’s definitely something wrong. The best way to determine the problem is by consulting a refrigerator repair specialist, but there are a few ways you can troubleshoot why your fridge feels hot.

Dirty Condenser Tubing
The condenser tubing in your refrigerator helps guard against moisture buildup. If it gets clogged or dirty, the tubing can become hot. Not only that, but dirty condenser coils can also cause your refrigerator to work harder than it should and raise your energy bills. If this is the problem, cleaning your condenser coils with a vacuum and special brush can help.

Escaping Air
Every time you open your fridge’s door, you let cold air escape from inside it, affecting its temperature. If you leave your refrigerator door open too long, it will work harder to reach the right temperature again — and end up raising its own temperature in the process.

Electric Heaters
Older refrigerator models have electric heaters that are meant to stop moisture from building up inside the refrigerator and keep food from spoiling. Since it’s placed along the edge of the refrigerator cabinet, it can make your fridge feel too warm. If you notice this happening, turn off the electric heater.

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