Why You Should Put Ice Cubes in the Cup First

doesn’t love a cold, refreshing drink on a hot summer day?
Unfortunately, sometimes our drinks aren’t as chilled as we’d like,
so we reach for a handful of ice cubes and drop them in our beverage.
ice cubes in our drink is something that we don’t think twice about,
but there could be a better way to do it. In fact, placing your ice
cubes in an empty glass then pouring
your drink in actually offers a few benefits, such as:
  • The perfect
    amount of liquid, every time.
    physics tells us that when we place ice cubes in a cup of water, the
    water level rises. If you are looking to maximize the space in your
    glass by filling it to the brim, putting your ice in first removes
    the guesswork of how much the water level is going to rise.
  • No splashing from
    dropping ice cubes.
    biggest problem about dropping ice in a full cup is the splashing
    that it is sure to create. If you have ever stained a white t-shirt
    because some fruit punch splashed on it when you dropped in an ice
    cube, putting the ice in first is a sure way to avoid repeating this
  • Putting the ice
    in first helps your drink get cold faster.
    this one is pretty minuscule, but on a hot day even the smallest
    difference is still a difference. The higher the ice:water ratio in
    a cup, the more effectively the ice chills the water. When you start
    with ice in a cup and slowly pour in your drink, it will cool
    slightly faster because there is a higher ice:water ratio (until the
    cup is full, at which point there is no difference).
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