10 Tips for Keeping Food Fresh

experts estimate that Americans throw away up to 15% of the food they
purchase, which adds up to well over $1,000 each year. People are
always looking for ways to save money, but eating their food before
it spoils is something that most of us generally don’t think about.
If you
are looking for ways to maximize the shelf life of your fresh foods,
try these ten tips.
  1. Keep raw meat on the
    bottom shelf.
    This area is
    usually one of the coldest spots in the refrigerator, which will
    help keep your meat fresh for longer. It will also prevent the meat
    from dripping down and contaminating the foods below it.
  2. Store your apples on
    the counter-top.
    apples in the refrigerator makes them lose their flavor and causes
    them to become soft and mushy. Plus, keeping them in plain sight
    helps them get eaten faster!
  3. Avoid storing milk
    and eggs on the fridge door.
    of the constant opening and closing of the refrigerator, the door
    can frequently reach temperatures higher than 40° F. Avoid keeping
    dairy, eggs, and other foods sensitive to spoiling here.
  4. Store fruits and
    vegetables separately.
    refrigerators come with two separate crisper drawers – you should
    use one for fruits and one for veggies. The reason for this is that
    a lot of fruits produce ethylene gas as they ripen, which causes
    most vegetables to spoil faster.
  5. Wrap your head of
    lettuce in damp paper towels.
    moisture, lettuce will quickly dehydrate and wilt. If your salad
    greens begin to dry out, soak them in ice water for a few hours to
    restore some crispness.
  6. Know what goes in
    the fridge and what doesn’t.
    are a lot of common misconceptions about what is supposed to go in
    the refrigerator and what isn’t – here are 5 foods that many
    people keep in their fridges, but shouldn’t. 


  7. Drop a few grains of
    rice in the salt shaker.
    you ever experienced clumping in your salt shaker? This is due to
    excess humidity in the air, prevent it from happening by putting a
    little bit of dry rice in your salt. 
  8. Wash berries in
    water and vinegar.
    your berries in cold water and a small amount of vinegar (about a
    10:1 ratio) before putting them in your refrigerator can extend
    their freshness by several days. 
  9. Don’t put your bread
    in the refrigerator.
    bread in the refrigerator causes it to harden quicker; for best
    storage, keep in an air tight plastic bag in a cool, dark place. 
  10. Set your
    refrigerator to the right temperature.
    way to guarantee that your food spoils before its expiration date is
    by storing it in a refrigerator which is too warm. For optimal
    freshness, you should keep your refrigerator between 34-39° F.
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