3 Common Reasons for Refrigerator Malfunctions

being the most-used appliance in your kitchen, refrigerators are
complex machines that require many individual components working in
harmony in order to function correctly. If just one of these parts
fails to do their job, your whole refrigerator will not operate as it
should. There are many ways that a refrigerator could break and even
more reasons why, but here are three of the most common ways.

Over packing
refrigerator has a maximum capacity, and that doesn’t mean how much
food you can possibly stuff into it. In order to find out how much
food is safe to store in your refrigerator, refer to your owner’s
manual. Cramming in as much food that will fit is a bad idea because
an over-full fridge severely hinders air circulation, which often
leads to warm spots. It also puts a heavier workload on the
compressor, which is not a cheap fix if it breaks down.
Faulty Gaskets
rubber seal around your refrigerator’s door, known as a gasket, is a
simple yet very important piece. When working properly, the gasket
seals in all of the cold air and prevents warm air from entering from
the outside. Unfortunately, gaskets tend to give out before many
other parts of your refrigerator. In order to test if your gasket is
performing as well as it did when you first purchased your
refrigerator, stick a dollar bill in the door and close it. If you
can easily remove the dollar bill or slide it up and down while the
door is closed, it is time to replace your gasket. Fortunately, they
are very cheap and can be swapped out in a matter of only a few
Refrigerant Leakage
rely on the compression and expansion of a special chemical
refrigerant in order to properly function. This refrigerant is vital
to the refrigeration process and is found in tubes that wind
throughout the body of your fridge, making it possible for these
tubes to leak in many different places. If refrigerant is leaking,
your fridge will be unable to cool your food anymore, and it will be
noticeable. Unfortunately, the only fix for this is to call a
professional appliance repair service and have them plug the leak and
refill your model with the proper amount of refrigerant.
If you
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