3 Reasons Your Refrigerator is Making Noise


Refrigerators tend to make some noise while operating, but if yours is excessively loud, it could be a sign that something is wrong. The refrigeration experts from Speedy Subzero break down three possible reasons why your refrigerator is giving you headaches.

Automatic Defrost Feature

If you have an automatically-defrosting refrigerator, certain noises could actually be a sign that it is working properly. As frost builds up on the inside of your freezer wall, a small heater inside of the unit heats up to melt it. This defrost heater commonly pops and hisses when it is activated, so if the noise isn’t happening all the time, it’s probably safe not to worry about it.

Air Leak

If you notice that your refrigerator never stops, this could be the sign of an air leak. If your fridge’s rubber door seal (also known as the gasket) is cracked, it could be allowing cold air to escape and warm air to enter. This forces your compressor to work overtime in order to maintain a cold temperature, leading to constant running and a high energy bill. An air leak is best characterized by a steady, around-the-clock humming, though it is usually not excessively loud.

Defective Components

You may think of your refrigerator as nothing more than a giant box of ice, but the truth is that it’s a complex machine that requires several components to seamlessly work together. If one of these components – such as the compressor or evaporator fan – is malfunctioning, it could be the source of your loud noises. These sounds are generally loud, abrupt clunks. If this is what you are experiencing, contact a local repair service before bigger problems arise.

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