4 Cool Features of New Refrigerators

If you
are in the market for a new refrigerator, now is a better time to buy
than ever. With advancements in technology and manufacturers focusing
on the customer, there are features available to you which did not
exist just a few years ago. While they may not be life-changing nor
vital, they are pretty cool (no pun intended). Here are four of the
best features included in some new models:

Chill your warm can of
soda in minutes
If you
have ever opened your refrigerator door only to find out that you
forgot to put your soda cans in the night before, this is for you.
Instead of waiting hours for them to cool in the refrigerator or
putting a can or two in the freezer and forgetting about them, modern
technology solves your problem in a matter of minutes. LG offers new
models featuring their Blast Chiller technology, which can cool a
12-ounce can in just five minutes.
Cool your hot leftovers
It is
advised that you let hot foods cool before putting them in the
refrigerator in order to prevent the warming up of others foods
around it, but now it’s okay to break the rules. Some new
refrigerators come equipped with high-tech sensors which
automatically adjust temperature settings when warm food is detected.
Time-based alarms built
in to the door
you ever walked in to your kitchen to find that the refrigerator had
been left open? Maybe you didn’t fully close the door when you kicked
it and walked into the living room an hour ago. Not only does this
situation put your food in danger of spoiling quicker, but your
refrigerator has to use a lot of energy to bring its temperature back
down. Refrigerator manufacturers have thought about this, and have
implemented an alarm which will sound when the door has been left
open for several minutes.
Bigger and better water
a water dispenser on your refrigerator door used to be a luxury –
now it is almost a necessity. Companies such as GE and LG have taken
water dispensers to the next level with a variety of new features
available. Extra tall dispensers now allow you to fill glasses,
pitchers, and water bottles easier than ever without putting them at
awkward angles. Some models even let you walk away from the dispenser
while it automatically fills your container to the volume of your
buying a new refrigerator, it is wise to make sure that yours cannot
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