4 Questions to Ask When Searching for an Appliance Repair Service


one of your appliances breaks down, it is obvious that you will need
to call a repair service to come and fix your problem. But which one
do you call? That answer is not so obvious.
If you
live in a big town or city, you will likely have dozens of local
repair services available to choose from, how can you tell which one
is best? Asking potential companies these four questions can help you
separate the good from the bad.
Question 1: How long have
you been in business?
company starts somewhere, but generally speaking, the longer a
company has been around, the more trustworthy they are – after all,
they have to be doing something right to stay in business. An
experienced repair service also likely means experienced technicians,
which are more likely to correctly diagnose and fix your problems
than someone who is new to the industry.
Our Answer: Speedy
Subzero has been servicing refrigerators all over Long Island and New
York City for more than 75 years.
Question 2: Are you
licensed and insured?
states require appliance repair services to be licensed; if you live
in an area with this requirement, always ask potential repair
services to provide their licensing information. You will also want a
company which is properly insured – you don’t want to be held
personally liable of a technician gets injured in your home.
Our Answer: Yes.
Speedy Subzero is fully licensed and insured in the State of New
Question 3: Do you offer
same-day service?
When it
comes to appliance repairs, especially refrigerators, time is often
of the essence. Not only is your refrigerator used several times
throughout the day, but leaving food to sit in a broken fridge for
too long will cause it to spoil. Ask if your repair company offers
same-day appointments in emergency situations.
Our Answer:
Absolutely! Not only do we
offer same-day repairs, we guarantee one-hour service to Long Island,
New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey.
Question 4: Do you stand
behind your work?
question can make or break your decision. When you call on the
services of an appliance repair company, you rightfully expect that
you won’t need to call them back in two weeks to make another repair,
or even worse, re-fix the same problem. Pick a company who stands
behind their work.
Our Answer: 100%.
All of our repairs are guaranteed to last!
Subzero can fix any make or model of refrigerator, freezer, ice
maker, or wine cooler. We serve all of Long Island, New York City,
New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our phone lines are open 24/7 and we
guarantee one hour service to your home. Click here to visit our
website or call 866-782-9376 to schedule a same-day visit from one of
our experienced technicians.

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