4 Signs That it is Time for a New Fridge

most refrigerators last about 15 years, replacing yours probably
isn’t one of your daily concerns. Most people don’t even think about
buying a new one until it is too late. However, refrigerators don’t
just break overnight; it is usually a long, slow process of decline.
Looking out for these four signs can help you be aware that you need
to start looking for a new one before yours ultimately dies and all
of your food is spoiled. 
Condensation On the Door Frame
If you
notice water drops accumulating on or around the door frame, this is
a sure sign of faulty seals. A bad sealing system allows cold air to
escape from the refrigerator and warm air to enter it, causing
unnecessary wear and tear on your refrigerator’s compressor. 
The Refrigerator is Hot
If the
outer surface of your refrigerator feels unusually hot, it is a
telling sign that it is going to need to be replaced soon.
Refrigerators produce heat, so it is normal for the exterior to be a
little warm, but if it is excessively hot (as in you can’t
comfortably keep your hand on it for more than a few seconds), it may
be time to hit the appliance store. 
Unusual Increase In the Energy Bill
refrigerators age, they become less energy-efficient. Unfortunately,
the only way to determine this is to keep a close eye on your
electricity bill month-to-month. Of course, a spike your monthly
statement doesn’t necessarily mean it is because of the refrigerator,
in the summer months this could be caused by an air conditioner.
However, if your use of electricity-consuming products around the
house has remained relatively consistent and the bill keeps on going
up, it might be worth it to start thinking of a new fridge. 
Strange Sounds
This is
the most obvious sign of them all. If your refrigerator is making
loud, unusual sounds, then it is literally telling you that something
is wrong. Generally, the noise is being made by the compressor, which
is the heart of your refrigerator. If the compressor is being
overworked, it will drastically reduce the lifespan of your
If you
notice any of these signs with your refrigerator and live in the
tri-state area, call Speedy Subzero today. In many cases, our
technicians will be able to repair your refrigerator at a fraction of
what a new model will cost. If your fridge is on the fritz, time is
of the essence and waiting could ultimately result in damage beyond
repair. We offer one-hour service to New York City, Long Island,
Connecticut, and New Jersey so call us today at 866-782-9376.You can also like us on Facebook to stay updated.

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