4 Useful Accessories for Your Kitchen

In the
current age of technology, there are ways to make every aspect of
your life easier. Whether it is Siri reminding you of your doctor’s
appointment or self-parking cars, companies across the world are
simplifying our every-day lives. You use your kitchen every day, but
you could be saving yourself time and effort with these four cool
gadgets which can all be found on Amazon

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Obsessive Chef Cutting

cutting board is sure to become the new best friend of any chef with
a case of OCD. With a grid of measurements down to the eighth-inch,
you will be prepared for whatever the cook book throws your way. This
cutting board also provides angle measurements of 30, 45, and 60
degrees as well as sizing recommendations when dicing vegetables. You
can get this on Amazon for $21.10.
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All-in-One Breakfast
Sandwich Maker 

amazing little gadget is perfect for anyone who wants to shave some
time off of their morning routine. This compact device can
simultaneously cook every component of a breakfast sandwich in just
five minutes. Combine your favorite ingredients on toast, a bagel,
biscuit, or english muffin. If you are not sure where to begin, it
even comes with a cook book covering everything from traditional
recipes to ones you have probably never heard of.
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Silicone Steamer 

silicone steamer is one of the most versatile cooking devices you can
have in your kitchen. These steamers can be put in the microwave and
be used to cook a variety of foods such as chicken, vegetables, and
even oatmeal. You can truly use this wonderful accessory to prepare
your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Plus, steaming your foods is one of
the most healthy cooking methods and helps preserve flavor of certain
 Photo courtesy of Amazon
The Ultimate Pineapple

who enjoys fresh fruit knows that eating it can sometimes be a chore.
Most fruits need to be peeled, pitted, sliced, or cored before you
are able to enjoy them. Perhaps the worst culprit of this is the
pineapple. This tool allows users to peel, core, and slice a
pineapple in 30 seconds. It cuts perfectly-shaped rings out of the
fruit and preserves the core to use as a bowl.
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