5 Reasons Your Child Should Have a Mini-Fridge in Their College Dorm

It’s already back to school time for college kids! One of the first things that your child is probably thinking about is how they are going to set up their dorm room. While a flat screen TV and a surround sound stereo system might not seem like the most practical things to send your child off to school with, a mini-fridge is certainly a great investment. Here are five reasons why your child should have a mini-fridge in their dorm:

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  • Save money or dining points: Stocking a fridge full of groceries means your child can buy food that they want and not have to settle for the options in the dining hall. They’ll save money by making food in their dorm instead of going out to costly restaurants for every meal.
  • Stay healthy: If your child is conscious about organic or allergy friendly foods, keeping a mini-fridge on hand will be easier for them to maintain their health and stay on track with their eating. They can stock up healthy juices, fruits and veggies, where these options will help them avoid binging on pizza and fast food.
  • Convenience: Chances are, no dining halls or cafeterias are open 24/7 on a college campus. A mini-fridge will provide food access on demand when you’re hungry at all hours.
  • Stock up on drinks: College often means late nights studying and early mornings for classes.  Stocking a fridge with iced coffee or energy drinks will help give your child the jolt they need in the morning to ace those exams!
  • Keep leftovers fresh: If your child does like to go out occasionally to the dining hall or a restaurant with friends, having a mini-fridge on hand is a great way to ensure they can bring home leftovers and keep them fresh until they go in for round two. This is another great way to save money as their fridge ensures they get an extra meal for the price of one.

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