5 Things to Know About Your Refrigerator

refrigerator sits in your kitchen and quietly works around-the-clock
to help keep your food cold and fresh, but how often do you think
about it when you aren’t using it? Here are five things to keep in
mind about your home’s most important appliance.
1. It is your only
appliance that runs 24/7.
home has many appliances – stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, washing
machines, and clothes dryers to name a few; but none of them work
harder than your refrigerator. The refrigerator is the only appliance
in your house that runs around the clock, working to keep your food
fresh and your drinks cold and refreshing.
2. Like your car, it
needs some basic maintenance.
your refrigerator never gets a break, it is important that you do
some routine maintenance work in order to keep it running efficiently
for a long time. The average lifespan of a refrigerator is about
10-15 years, but many won’t last this long due to poor maintenance.
Some things you can do to extend your fridge’s lifespan include
vacuuming the condenser coils every six months and periodically
examining the gasket for air leaks.
3. There is such a thing
as “too much”.
You may
have heard that keeping your refrigerator full will help your food
last longer because it better retains its temperature when the door
is opened. This is true – to an extent. However, there is a such
think as overstocking your refrigerator, which hinders air
circulation and leads to warm spots. To achieve optimal food
freshness, keep your refrigerator full, but not stuffed.
4. It is a bacteria
If you
regularly buy raw meat and fresh produce, your refrigerator is
constantly exposed to an enormous amount of germs and bacteria. To
help prevent cross-contamination, keep all uncooked meat, fish and
poultry on the bottom shelf – this will prevent it from dripping
onto and infecting foods below it. You should also clean your
refrigerator every 1-2 months using this method.
5. Some spots are colder
than others.
you may think your refrigerator is one big, consistent box of
coldness, this is actually not true. Certain spots in your
refrigerator tend to be colder than others. Since warm air rises,
keep foods resistant to spoiling (such as ready-to-eat foods, juices,
and soda) on the top shelves and sensitive foods such as raw meats
and dairy towards the bottom. The door is the warmest area of the
refrigerator, so avoid storing your milk here.
If your
refrigerator ever breaks down, you might be able to repair it for a
fraction of the cost of a new model. Speedy Subzero has provided
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than 75 years. We provide emergency support on nights and weekends
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