5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Refrigerator

something that you use every day, how much do you really know about
your refrigerator? It has been called the Greatest Invention in the History of Food and is found in over 99% of homes across the country,
yet most people don’t know anything about it other than that it keeps
their food cold.
these five refrigerator-related facts – we guarantee that you’ll
learn something.
1. It can account for
over 10% of your monthly electric bill.
refrigerator is the only appliance in your home which runs 24/7,
which means it is one of the household’s top energy consumers. There
are things you can do to reduce how much electricity your
refrigerator uses, click here see them.
2. Fuller is (usually)
refrigerator and your freezer both work better when you keep them
well-stocked. This is because the more cold food you have inside, the
better it maintains its temperature when the door is opened. Don’t
over-stuff them though, as this could hinder air circulation and lead
to warm spots. Shoot to keep your refrigerator ~80% full at all
3. You should keep your
refrigerator between 34-39°F.
new refrigerators have a built-in temperature display, but if yours
doesn’t you can purchase a refrigerator thermometer for less than
$10. It is recommended to keep your refrigerator’s temperature higher
than 33° to prevent your food and drinks from freezing, but lower
than 40° to minimize bacteria growth.
4. November 15th
is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day.
year on November 15th, homeowners are encouraged to
thoroughly wash and clean out their refrigerators. This not only
keeps your appliance looking like new, it prevents health risks
associated with spoiled food. At Speedy Subzero, we recommend
following this cleaning routine every month to keep your refrigerator
in tip-top shape.
5. More than 8 million
refrigerators are sold each year in America.
best-selling refrigerator style every year is the top-freezer model,
due to its practicality and relatively low price. If you are planning
on buying a new refrigerator to replace a broken unit, it may first
be worth seeing if you can get yours repaired for a fraction of the
If you
live in New York City or Long Island and are experiencing a
malfunctioning refrigerator, look no further than Speedy Subzero. For
more than 75 years, homeowners in New York have trusted us to repair
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