5 Tips for Organizing Your Fridge

properly organized refrigerator not only looks nice and makes
everything easy to find, but it can actually keep your foods fresh
for longer as well. If your refrigerator is overdue for an
organization overhaul, don’t do it blindly – use these tips to keep
a tidy fridge:

  • Keep leftovers
    organizing your refrigerator, keep leftovers and other ready-to-eat
    items such as yogurt on the most eye level shelf. These priority
    items are likely to get eaten before they expire because they are
    the first thing people see when they open the refrigerator.
  • Adjust your shelves.
    Almost every model of
    refrigerator manufactured in the past decade comes standard with
    adjustable shelves. Since it is likely that you repeatedly purchase
    the same food products and store them in the same spots in your
    refrigerator, taking the time to adjust your shelves will establish
    a blueprint for where food should be stored in the future.
  • Avoid circular
    They waste space.
    Instead of circular containers, opt for ones which are square or
    rectangular to maximize storage. To make the most of your vertical
    space, buy square containers which can be stacked atop one another.
  • Store drippy food on
    the bottom shelf.
    Food which
    commonly drips – such as red meat and chicken – should be stored
    on the bottom shelf to avoid the contamination of other foods. If
    these items drip while they are on the bottom shelf, their juices
    will not ruin any food below.
  • Clean out your
    refrigerator every two weeks.
    keep your refrigerator organized and sanitary, clean it out every
    other week. To do this, remove all items from the refrigerator,
    clean any spills and sticky spots, throw away any expired food, and
    restock neatly.
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