6 Foods You Should Never Freeze


We all know that freezing food can help it last longer, but just like anything else, there are exceptions. Freezing can severely alter the texture of some foods, leaving them barely edible upon thawing. Keep these six foods out of your freezer at all costs.

Food #1: Lettuce

What happens: Lettuce is about 96% water, which turns into ice when you freeze it. After thawing, it is nothing but a soft, wilted mess.

Food #2: Cooked Pasta

What happens: No amount of marinara sauce or Parmesan cheese can cover up the mushy disaster that results from frozen pasta.

Food #3: Eggs

What happens: Have you ever left a can of soda in the freezer for too long and had it explode? The same thing can happen with eggs – but much, much messier.

Food #4: Tomatoes

What happens: Tomatoes have high water content, which causes them to turn icy when frozen, and soft and squishy when defrosted. If you are planning on cooking with the tomatoes, it’s okay to freeze them, just don’t eat them raw.

Food #5: Milk

What happens: Milk is known for its creamy texture, but that all changes after you stick it in the freezer. Frozen milk is lumpy after thawing, so don’t bother with it.

Food #6: Fried Foods

What happens: Who doesn’t love fried foods? Their crispy golden exterior is simply irresistible, but you can kiss that goodbye if you put it in the freezer. The once-crisp coating will turn soft and mushy.

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