Alternative Uses for Wine Coolers

Wine coolers have become a popular home appliance over the past few years. More and more wine-lovers are adding the accessory to their homes and keeping their wine at perfect temperatures. Let’s say that you’re running low on wine and fridge space one day. Can you use your cooler to store things besides wine? The answer is yes. There are plenty of alternative uses for your wine cooler.

Storing Olive Oil

Olive oil is usually best when it is kept in wine cellars at a temperature of 57 degrees. If you’re like a large majority of homeowners who don’t have wine cellars in their homes, you can set your wine cooler to that temperature and store your olive oil there so it doesn’t lose its flavor.

Cooling Glasses

If you’re more of a beer drinker, a wine cooler is a great appliance to have to keep your glasses and mugs cold. Freezing your mugs actually diminishes the beer’s taste and can cause them to pick up smells from inside your freezer. Store your glasses inside your cooler, and take them out right before you pour yourself an ice cold brew.


If you consider yourself a handyman, you can modify your wine cooler into a kegerator for quick access to cold beer. You’ll need to add a tap and a tank of carbon dioxide to the cooler, but there are plenty of websites and message boards you can check for instructions on how to make this DIY bar tap.

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