Bad Tasting Ice? Here’s How to Fix It

the one thing that can ruin an ice-cold glass of your favorite drink?
Dirty ice cubes! Whether you have an automatic ice maker or manually
fill your own ice cube trays, your ice can develop on unflattering
taste. If you have experienced bad tasting ice cubes from your
freezer, read below for how to fix them.
If you have an automatic
ice maker:
  • Clean the filter.
    Your automatic ice maker has a
    filtration system to purify tap water before freezing it. Over time,
    this filter can become dirty and clogged with particles. Change the
    filter once every six months in order to keep minerals and other
    impurities from tainting the taste of your ice.
  • Use ice more often.
    If you don’t regularly use the
    ice that your ice-maker produces, there is the possibility that it
    can turn stale. Over the course of several days, ice cubes can begin
    to absorb the scents and smells from other foods in your
    refrigerator; which brings us to our next point…
  • Keep your
    refrigerator clean.
    both your refrigerator and freezer clean will ensure that your ice
    doesn’t absorb unsavory flavors. Every week, check your appliance
    for foods which have expired or will expire soon, and make sure all
    food items are properly wrapped and sealed.
If you manually make your
own ice:
  • Use filtered water.
    If you are making ice using
    your town’s tap water, that could be what’s to blame for the bad
    taste. Try filtering your water or using pre-distilled/purified
    water to make your ice instead.
  • Clean your ice cube
    If dirty water isn’t the
    problem, it could be a dirty ice cube tray. Many of us don’t think
    about it, but it is necessary to wash your ice cube trays every
    three or four uses. As you move the tray in and out of the freezer,
    it can attract germs and bacteria which will modify the taste of
    your ice cubes.
  • Keep your fridge
    It sounds strange, but
    ice is known to absorb odors and tastes from others foods – both
    in the fresh food and
    the frozen sections of your refrigerator. Keeping these compartments
    free of spoiled and strong-smelling food could ultimately result in
    better tasting ice.
none of these tips worked for you, your ice maker could be seriously
malfunctioning. If you live in the state of New York and are
experiencing trouble with your refrigerator, freezer, or ice maker,
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