How to Care for Your Fridge in Less than 20 Minutes

Let’s face it — you’re very busy throughout the day. You have work to go to, groceries to buy, and homework to help with, so it’s understandable that certain household chores get put on the backburner. But what if we told you that you could care for your fridge in less than 20 minutes? Then there’d be no reason not to try!

Clean the Condenser Coils – 5 Minutes

Clean coils mean your refrigerator will run better. Use a vacuum and coil cleaning brush to get rid the dust and debris that collect on your coils. The special brush is able to get into the crevices of your coils and can also be used to clean your AC too.

Clean the Condenser Fan – 5 Minutes

If your condenser coils are at the bottom of your fridge, vacuum the fan near them. The condenser fan is used to blow cool air across the coils, and sometimes, dirt, pet fur, paper, and other debris can get sucked into the fan and stop it completely.

Clean the Gasket – 2 Minutes

It’s not uncommon for food to get onto your refrigerator gasket, especially if there’s been a spill. Leaving the mess there could cause the gasket to become damaged, resulting in repair costs. so wipe it down with vinegar or another cleaning solution.

Clear the Freezer Vents – 5 Minutes

If your vents are blocked, air can’t circulate throughout your freezer, and frost will start to build up in your unit. Move the food in your freezer away from the vents, and only keep it three-quarters of the way full to allow for proper ventilation.

Set the Temperature Controls – 1 Minute

Making sure the proper temperatures are set in your refrigerator ensures that your unit runs properly and your food is kept safe.

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