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How To Baby-Proof Your Kitchen


As a new parent, nothing is more important than the health and safety of your child. With that said, there is no room in your home more hazardous than the kitchen. The hot surfaces, sharp knives, and toxic drinks under the sink all present dangers to a wandering toddler.

Luckily, there are some safety precautions that you can take to baby-proof your kitchen and make it safe for people of all ages. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Unplug your small appliances. Countertop appliances such as the toaster and blender should be unplugged and put away somewhere out of reach when they are not being used.

  • Baby-proof the stove. An easy way to baby-proof your stove is by cooking on the rear burners, where small hands cannot reach. You should also remove the burner knobs when you are not cooking, or purchase special knob covers that prevent kids from turning the burners on.

  • Keep objects away from the edge of counters. The further away objects are from the edge of counters and tabletops, the less likely your child will be able to reach them. This is especially important for sharp items or small pieces that kids can choke on.

  • Lock up the cleaning supplies. Those cleaning supplies under the sink come in all sorts of fun colors, which could look like a tasty drink to an unknowing child. Lock up your cleaning supply cabinet to avoid any chances of poisoning.

  • Latch your fridge door. Using some kind of velcro or buckle latch on your refrigerator will prevent your baby from opening the door. Not only could they choke on the food they find, they could also leave the door open and spoil all of your food.

For more tips and ideas to baby-proof your kitchen, check out this article from Parent Guide.

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Food Storage Best Practices


According to the United States Center for Disease Control, one in six Americans will get sick from the food they eat this year. Over 250 different foodborne illnesses currently exist, and many of them are due to the improper handling and storage of food.

Make sure to follow these food storage best practices in order to keep your food safe and avoid getting sick.

Keep your meats low, and condiments on the door.

When it comes to your refrigerator, where you keep your food can impact how long it lasts. Store raw meats and dairy on the bottom shelf, where the temperatures are the coldest. Save the door for items which are resistant to spoiling, such as condiments, dressings, and bottled water.

Know the shelf life of your foods.

Knowledge is power – especially in the fight against foodborne illnesses. Know how long you can expect your foods to last, whether they are stored in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer. Thrillist put together this great chart to help you out.

Store dry foods in an enclosed, dry area.

Dry foods are just as susceptible to contamination as the food in your refrigerator. Keep your dry food stored in a dry, enclosed area to prevent mold growth and potential pest infestations.

When in doubt, throw it out.

The golden rule of food safety: when in doubt, throw it out. If there is any doubt in your mind about whether or not a food is okay to eat, play it safe and throw it away. No piece of leftover pizza is worth a trip to the hospital.

Make sure your refrigerator is cold enough.

Your refrigerator will only preserve your food if it is at the right temperature. The ideal temperature range for a refrigerator is between 34-38° F. Keep a thermometer in your refrigerator to make sure the temperature does not climb above this number; bacteria growth rates spike at around 40°.

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4 Refrigerator Myths That Are Not True


In today’s world where anyone can post something online, there is more false information circulating around than ever. Here are four common myths about refrigerators, none of which are true.

Myth #1: Top shelf or bottom shelf? It doesn’t matter.

Where in the refrigerator should you store you food? Eh, it doesn’t matter, right? If it’s in there, it’s in there. Well… not really. Where you store your food can actually have a big impact on how long it lasts. Reserve the bottom shelf for foods that are known to spoil quickly, such as raw meats and dairy products. Keep condiments, bottled water, and other spoilage-resistant items on the door, where temperatures can reach over 40°.

Myth #2: Freezing your batteries makes them last longer.

According to, standard alkaline batteries discharge at a rate of about 2% per year when stored at room temperature. This number climbs to 5% at 85° and skyrockets to 25% at 100°. Using this logic, it is clear to see why you may think refrigerating or freezing your batteries will help them last longer, but it doesn’t.

Myth #3: You never have to replace your water filter.

If your refrigerator has a built-in water dispenser or ice maker, when was the last time you cleaned or replaced the filter? Over several months and years, these filters can accumulate grime and completely lose their ability to remove pollutants from your water. Make sure to replace yours every six months – refer to your owner’s manual for instructions specific to your model.

Myth #4: The freezer is an infinity box.

If you put something in the freezer, that doesn’t mean it will be good indefinitely. While freezing your favorite foods can greatly extend their lifespan, it won’t make them last forever. This chart from Thrillist does a good job illustrating how long you can expect your frozen goods to last.

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Electrical Safety Tips for the Kitchen

Safety first,” is a message that our mothers probably instilled in us at a very young age. Don’t run with scissors, look both ways before crossing the street, and always plug counter top appliances into GFCI-protected outlets.

What, that last one doesn’t sound familiar? Well, it should. According to, more than half of all accidental house fires start in the kitchen. While hot stove tops are responsible for their fair share of these fires, a surprising amount of them are actually caused by electrical faults.

Use these electrical safety tips to stay safe in the kitchen.

  • To avoid water coming in contact with any electrical wires, make sure all of your sockets and switches are at least 1 foot away from your sink.

  • If you have a built-in refrigerator or an under-the-counter dishwasher, consider installing a switch to easily disconnect the power.

  • Check all wires to make sure there are no frayed ends or exposed spots.

  • Plug all of your appliances (even the small ones like toaster ovens) directly into the outlet – don’t use extension cords.

  • Never stick a fork or knife in your toaster to retrieve your toast.

  • Never use any switches or sockets when your hands are wet.

  • Install a smoke detector in your kitchen, and routinely check it to make sure it is working.

  • Unplug your small appliances (toaster, coffee machine, etc.) when you are not using them.

  • Don’t try to repair an appliance while it is still plugged in.

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