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Broken Refrigerator? Here’s Whether You Should Repair It or Replace It


Your refrigerator can break down without a moment’s notice, and when it does, you must act quickly. Food can only stay good in a broken refrigerator for a couple of hours, so making a quick decision could save you from a fridge full of spoiled food.

The biggest choice you will have to make is whether you should repair your appliance, or buy a new one altogether. Unfortunately, that answer isn’t always clear, but the refrigeration experts from Speedy Subzero are here to offer their advice.

Here’s what they have to say:

If it is a built-in unit…

Repair it. If you have a refrigerator that is built into your kitchen wall or cabinetry, finding a replacement model can be a pain. Unless it is broken beyond repair, you should do whatever you can to have these kind of models fixed.

If the refrigerator is more than 10 years old…

Replace it. Any refrigerator more than a decade old should be discarded. The average lifespan of a new fridge is only about 12 years, so by repairing it you are only prolonging the inevitable, and will likely have to spend more money on repairs down the road. Plus, older refrigerators are far less energy efficient and are likely costing you money on your electricity bill.

If the cost of fixing it is less than half the cost of buying a new refrigerator…

Repair it. This is known as the 50% rule. If you can fix your refrigerator for less than half the cost of a new one, then that is your best option. On the other hand, if your repair bill is 50% or more of the price of a new refrigerator, you should just spend the extra money to have it replaced.

If you are looking for a refrigerator repair service in New York, look no further than Speedy Subzero. Our technicians have more than 50 years of experience, and we guarantee one-hour service to all of Long Island and NYC. Our phone lines are open 24/7, so give us a call any time at 866-782-9376.

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Fridge

How to save money on

Shopping for a new refrigerator? Use these tips before you head to the appliance store to save some money.

Shop Around
Don’t limit yourself to just one store in your search for your next refrigerator. Visit multiple appliance stores in your area to see who has the best deal. Often time, stores will match the price of their competitors, or even beat them, to get your business. Don’t limit your search to physical stores either – sometimes online retailers will have the best deals.

Know What the Price Includes
Take price tags with a grain of salt: the number you see on the tag won’t be the price you pay when all is said and done. Besides taxes, some companies will charge extra for extended warranties, delivery, and installation. Finding a retailer that includes these services for free could save you money, even if the price tag on the actual appliance is a little bit higher.

Purchase a Floor Model
Ask a salesperson if they have any floor models or “as is” appliances available for sale. These units might have a small ding or scratch and won’t come in its original packaging, but if you are saving hundreds of dollars, do you really care?

Buy Energy Star
Purchasing an Energy Star appliance may cost a little more money up front, but it is a better investment in the long run. Not only can you save hundreds of dollars per year on your electricity bill, but you may also qualify for a government rebate.

Have Your Fridge Repaired
Want the best way to save money on a new refrigerator? Don’t get one. Often times, your current fridge can be professionally repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new model. It also saves you the hassle of appliance shopping, moving the new refrigerator into your home, and disposing of the old one.

New York residents can count on Speedy Subzero for all of their refrigerator repair needs. For over 75 years, we have provided fast, reliable service to all of Long Island and New York City. We guarantee one hour service and offer 24/7 emergency coverage, so call us any time at 866-782-9376.

3 Signs That You Need a New Refrigerator


All good things must come to an end – including your refrigerator.

The household fridge has an average lifespan of about 10-12 years, and despite your best efforts to keep up on maintenance, the day will eventually come where it has reached the end of its serviceable life. How can you tell when that day comes? Here are a few signs you can look out for:

1.) Your food is spoiling before the expiration date

If you notice that all of your food – no matter what it is or where you buy it from – is going bad before its expiration date, it might be because your refrigerator isn’t cold enough. Turn down the thermostat and purchase a fridge thermometer to monitor the temperature. It should consistently be between 34-38° F.

2). Your refrigerator is constantly cycles on and off

Do you need ear plugs just to step into your kitchen? If your refrigerator is constantly cycling on and off or making an excessive amount of noise, this is a red flag. Some noise is normal, but if you hear clunking or grinding, a replacement may be necessary.

3). Your electricity bill is rapidly increasing

If your electricity bill is getting higher and higher each month, your fridge may be to blame. The average refrigerator accounts for about 10% of a household’s total electricity consumption, but that number could spike if there is a malfunction.

Before you break out your checkbook and head to your local appliance store, it might be worth seeing if your fridge can be fixed first. Often times, you can repair your refrigerator for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Residents of New York can depend on Speedy Subzero for fast, reliable refrigerator repairs. If you live in Long Island or NYC, give us a call to schedule your same-day appointment at 866-782-9376.

What Makes a Good Refrigerator Repair Service?


Refrigerators are an essential piece of any kitchen. In fact, the Smithsonian Magazine named the refrigerator the most important invention in the history of food. So when yours breaks, you want a repair service that knows what they are doing. What makes for a good refrigerator repair service? Take a look.

Speedy Service

When your refrigerator breaks down, time is of the essence. Food in a broken fridge only stays good for about 4 hours – you want to find a company that can get to your house before your food spoils. Speedy Subzero guarantees one-hour service to homes in New York City and Long Island.

24/7 Coverage

Your refrigerator runs around the clock, so should your refrigerator repair service. Speedy Subzero offers 24/7 coverage all year long. Nights, weekends, holidays – it doesn’t matter! Just call 866-782-9376 and we will be there when you need us.

All Makes & Models

What good is a repair company that can only fix one type of refrigerator? Our name may say “Sub Zero”, but our technicians can fix all kinds of refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, and wine coolers. Any make, any model, any time – count on Speedy Subzero.

Guaranteed Work

When you get your refrigerator repaired, you should expect it to last. If a company doesn’t trust their work enough to stand behind it, how can they expect you to trust it? At Speedy Subzero, you have peace of mind knowing that all of our work is guaranteed.

Speedy Subzero Repairs offers all of these qualities and more! If you are looking for a refrigerator repair service in New York City, Queens, Nassau County, or Suffolk County, look no further than us! With over 75 years of experience, you can depend on Speedy to get the job done. Call us any time at 866-782-9376 to schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians.

What to Look for When Buying a New Refrigerator


Are you shopping for a new refrigerator? Not so fast! It is important to consider every aspect of your new appliance before you make the purchase. Not only are refrigerators expensive, they have a lifespan of well over 10 years. Here are a few things to look for when buying a new refrigerator so you aren’t stuck with one you don’t like for the next decade.


The first thing you should consider when purchasing a new refrigerator is its size. Not only storage space on the inside, but the outer dimensions as well. It is important to measure how much space you have in your kitchen so you don’t buy a refrigerator that won’t fit in its designated spot.


Generally speaking, there are four different styles of refrigerators: top freezer, bottom freezer, side by side, and French door. Each of these styles has its own unique set of pros and cons that you should understand before buying. You can learn more about the different refrigerator styles here.

Energy Efficiency

Whether you are environmentally-conscious or just want to save money on your electricity bill, energy efficiency is something to consider. Replacing an old refrigerator with a new Energy Star model can save you over $100 per year!

Extra Features

New refrigerators come with all kinds of extra features, if you are willing to pay the price. These add-ons range from simple water and ice dispensers to WiFi-connected touch screens built into the door. It is up to you to decide which of these features are must haves, and which ones you can live without.

Before you head over to the appliance store, consider having your refrigerator repaired for a fraction of the price of a new one. Speedy Subzero has been servicing all types of refrigerators and freezers in the New York City area for more than 75 years. We guarantee one-hour service to all of Long Island and NYC, so give us a call at 866-782-9376 to schedule your appointment.