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Reasons to Have a Mini-Fridge in Your Dorm

Ah, college – the cultivation of new friends, new experiences, and new food. Thing is, that last part isn’t always a good thing. How can you combat potentially questionable dining hall cuisine? A mini-fridge, of course! These are the top reasons to have a mini-fridge in your college dorm room. 

  1. Save Money or Dining Points: If you have a meal plan that functions like a debit system, a mini-fridge lets you keep snacks and other yummy foods in your dorm. This way, you don’t have to spend as much money on food at your dining hall.
  2. Have Food on Demand: If your university closes due to inclement weather, you won’t have to go hungry since you’ll have a mini-fridge full of food. Plus, you’ll be saving delivery services from having to send out employees during bad weather.
  3. Stay Healthy: There’s a reason “The Freshman 15” exists in colleges. Dining hall food is often loaded with salt, preservatives, and unhealthy fats. Stocking your mini-fridge with fruits, veggies, and other healthy snacks can save you from gaining those extra pounds.
  4. Stash Extra Drinks: If you can’t start your day without your favorite juice or energy drink, don’t waste time trudging to your dining hall. Just grab one from your mini-fridge instead. Pro Tip: Buying a case of water and keeping it in your fridge is way cheaper than buying individual bottles every day.
  5. Keep Your Leftovers: Your mini-fridge allows you to keep your unfinished food fresh for days instead of having to throw it out after an hour or two. Leftovers are the best thing to have on a weekend morning when you don’t feel like leaving your room. (Yes, we’re talking about cold pizza.)

With all the perks dorm mini-fridges offer, we’re surprised you wouldn’t have one already. All it takes is a little maintenance of deodorizing and cleaning to have one of the best conveniences you can allow yourself in college.

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How To Organize a Small Refrigerator

Let’s face it–we can never have enough space in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is the epicenter of your family’s home and a meeting spot for all to gather, having an oversized refrigerator in there taking up too much space is not ideal. While opting for a smaller refrigerator will maximize your space in the kitchen, it can often be hard to fit all of your items in there–until now. Here are some ways to keep your small fridge organized:


Buy Sliding Bins With Handles

Eliminate the need for reaching far into your fridge to retrieve your crammed in items by adding sliding bins. These bins will help keep all like items contained together and will provide easy access when you need to locate them.

Label Everything

When items have specific homes, less clutter collects. Not only will designated labeled areas help you keep control of your fridge but you can also label each item with expiration dates so they’ll be easily recognized when it’s time to toss ‘em.

Line Your Shelves

Transparent shelves can often make your fridge feel like a black hole. Lining your shelves with plastic mats will visually help to organize your items and make any spills or clean up easier.

Give a Lazy Susan a Whirl

Putting jars of food or condiments that you use less frequently on a lazy susan will maximize your shelf space, but keep easy access to these items for when you do need them.

Use Both Sides of the Shelf

Binder clips are a secret weapon when it comes to organizing your fridge! Hanging bags of food like lettuce or shredded cheese from wire racks with binder clips will reclaim dead air space, allowing you to utilize the shelf space for heavier items.

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A Guide To Safe Leftovers

We’ve all been there! You cooked too many meals for the week or ordered in too much take out from your favorite restaurants, and now you’re stuck with a refrigerator full of leftovers, leaving you to wonder what is safe to eat and what’s not.


These general guidelines will  help you decide what to keep and what to throw away — Chinese take out, we’re looking at you!

  • Depending on where you live, you may see your food stamped with “best if used by,” “sell by,” or nothing at all. The most important label is “best if used by,” which helps you get top quality food. The food will be safe by that date and a few days after.
  • Keep your refrigerator’s temperature set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler. Bacteria loves to grow between 40 and 140 degrees!
  • Leftovers should be stored in proper containers within 2 hours of cooking or 1 hour on hot summer days. Make sure to seal everything tight with as little air inside as possible.
  • Do not overfill your fridge. This can block vents and prevent the proper circulation needed to keep your leftover food items perishable.
  • To cool food rapidly and make sure it reaches a proper storage temperature (40 degrees F or below,) divide large portions of leftovers and store them in shallow containers.
  • Leftovers should be reheated to 165 degrees F.
  • Do not rely on your senses – smell, taste, or sight does not matter when it comes to leftovers! Get rid of any food that has sat in the fridge for more than four days.  

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