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Which Refrigerator Type is Best For Your Family?

If it
has been a while since your last trip to the appliance store, you may
feel overwhelmed with the variety of options in the refrigerator
section. With different colors, configurations, and optional features
such as water dispensers and WiFi capability, it is enough to make
your head spin. If you are having trouble determining which style of
refrigerator is right for your family, this article is for you.
refrigerators come in four styles: top-freezer, bottom-freezer,
side-by-side and French door. Each offer their own distinct pros and
cons, read below to figure out which is most suitable for your


This is
the most economical choice for families who are on a budget. These
are the most common types of refrigerators, and they are the cheapest
to purchase and repair. They typically don’t offer many features, but
they do offer the most usable space per cubic foot. If you are
strapped for room in your kitchen beware of these models, as they
have wide doors.


it is more expensive to buy than its top-freezer counterpart,
bottom-freezer refrigerators are the cheapest to operate. Many people
prefer these styles because it places the fresh food section at eye
level, which is convenient because this area is used more often than
the freezer section. However, this configurations makes your frozen
foods more difficult to access and find.


freezer and fresh food sections are split vertically, which allows
both to be at eye level. These models usually sacrifice some
refrigerator space for extra freezer space, so this is a viable
option for families who never seem to have enough room in their
freezer. These models typically have features such as water
dispensers, and their narrow doors are good for smaller kitchens. The
drawback to the narrowness of this style is that you can’t easily fit
wide items – such as pizza boxes.

French Door

Door refrigerators are the most expensive, but they offer benefits of
both the bottom-freezer and side-by-side refrigerators. Eye-level
fresh food section, narrow doors, and wide shelves for easy storage
of platters and pizza boxes are among the most attractive features of
a French door refrigerator.
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Why You Should Recycle Your Old Refrigerator

Do you
have an old refrigerator or freezer sitting around taking up space?
If you are thinking about getting rid of it, do not throw it away.
Repeat: DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! Old appliances – especially
refrigerators and freezers – often contain materials which are
harmful to the environment; properly disposing of these materials and
recycling the appliance is a much better option than simply throwing
it away.
recycling your old, unused refrigerator, you are doing something good
for the environment. The refrigerant used in older refrigerators and
freezers is classified as a greenhouse gas, so it should be kept out
of the environment whenever possible.
Rebates are Available
In many
areas, government and private rebates are available as an incentive
for recycling old refrigerators and freezers. Depending on the city
and state you live in, you can earn up to $50 for recycling your
appliance – plus, they will usually pick it up from your house and
haul it away for free!
It’s the Law
of the refrigerant contained within these appliances, old
refrigerators are defined as hazardous waste, and improperly
disposing of them is a punishable offense in the court of law. At the
very least, the freon needs to be removed from the condenser coils by
a licensed technician, but it is usually best to just have someone
haul the entire thing away to completely take it off of your hands.
Want to
know how to recycle an old refrigerator in your area? Click here!
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Freeze! Did You Know About These Ways to Use Your Freezer?

your freezer door, what do you see? Chances are your freezer is
filled with a little bit of ice and a whole lot of food, but did you
know there are other things you can use it for? Check out some of
these nifty ways to use your freezer for things other than food!
  • Open a sealed
    you ever prematurely sealed an envelope and realized that you forgot
    to include something? Stick the closed envelope in the freezer until
    the glue freezes, you should be able to open it and reseal it
    without causing any damage.
  • Wash” your
    to clean your jeans without fading the color or shrinking the
    fabric? Put them in a Ziploc bag and throw them in the freezer for
    about a week; this should kill all of the bacteria as well as
    eliminate any odors.
  • Make your candles
    last longer.
    candles come at a premium price, and no one wants to spend that
    money on something that burns out quickly. Extend the life of your
    candles by freezing them before burning; this works especially well
    on long, skinny types.
  • Kill dust mites.
    rid of dust mites by putting your stuffed animals, pillows, bed
    sheets, and blankets in a plastic bag and freezing them overnight.
    Then, wash them with extra hot water for a thorough clean.
for more creative ways to use your freezer? Check out this article
from Wonder How To.
of these ideas are contingent on the fact that your freezer is
operating properly, but what if it isn’t? If you live on Long Island,
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Why You Should Put Ice Cubes in the Cup First

doesn’t love a cold, refreshing drink on a hot summer day?
Unfortunately, sometimes our drinks aren’t as chilled as we’d like,
so we reach for a handful of ice cubes and drop them in our beverage.
ice cubes in our drink is something that we don’t think twice about,
but there could be a better way to do it. In fact, placing your ice
cubes in an empty glass then pouring
your drink in actually offers a few benefits, such as:
  • The perfect
    amount of liquid, every time.
    physics tells us that when we place ice cubes in a cup of water, the
    water level rises. If you are looking to maximize the space in your
    glass by filling it to the brim, putting your ice in first removes
    the guesswork of how much the water level is going to rise.
  • No splashing from
    dropping ice cubes.
    biggest problem about dropping ice in a full cup is the splashing
    that it is sure to create. If you have ever stained a white t-shirt
    because some fruit punch splashed on it when you dropped in an ice
    cube, putting the ice in first is a sure way to avoid repeating this
  • Putting the ice
    in first helps your drink get cold faster.
    this one is pretty minuscule, but on a hot day even the smallest
    difference is still a difference. The higher the ice:water ratio in
    a cup, the more effectively the ice chills the water. When you start
    with ice in a cup and slowly pour in your drink, it will cool
    slightly faster because there is a higher ice:water ratio (until the
    cup is full, at which point there is no difference).
refrigeration experts, we at Speedy Subzero know a thing or two about
ice. That’s why Long Island residents have depended on us to repair
their ice makers, freezers, and refrigerators for more than 75 years.
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Slow Down! Why You Should Let Your Leftovers Cool Off

What do
you do with leftover food when you are done cooking it? Do you throw
it in the refrigerator right away? If so, take a minute to read why
this isn’t such a great idea.
placing a large container full of hot food straight into your cold
refrigerator, you are disrupting a climate which your appliance has
been working very hard to maintain. This can have all kinds of
negative effects on your appliance, your food, and even your health.
are three negative consequences of placing hot food in your
  • Increased
    workload on your compressor.
    compressor is the heart of your refrigerator; you want to do
    everything possible to keep its workload as light as possible. By
    placing hot food in your fridge, you will send the compressor into
    overdrive, causing extra wear-and-tear while also increasing your
    energy consumption.
  • Potential spike
    in bacteria growth.
    limit bacteria in your food, your refrigerator should be set to a
    temperature between 34-39° F. After 40°, bacteria growth rates
    begin to skyrocket. If your refrigerator is already near or at 39°,
    introducing a hot batch of food could cause the whole interior to
    climb above 40° – also known as the “danger zone”.
  • Soggy leftovers.
    hot food in a cold fridge will cause it to produce a lot of steam
    due to the rapid temperature change. If your food is in a sealed
    container, this steam will have nowhere to go and turn into a
    significant amount of condensation. This water will be left sitting
    in your food, sometimes it is enough to form a small puddle at the
    bottom of the container.
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