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Why Isn’t My Ice Maker Working?

You probably don’t think twice when you get pre-made ice from your freezer. That is until you go to get some and there’s none there. If that’s the cause, you’re not only stuck with the conundrum of why your ice maker isn’t working but with a lukewarm beverage, too! (Okay, we know the former is clearly the more important issue, but still.) Since they’re relatively simple machines, you should be able to diagnose the problem with your ice maker pretty easily.

When Ice Isn’t Coming Out

  • Problem: If the control arm is on and the molds are filled with ice, you might have an issue with the motor or gearbox.
  • Fix: This process involves turning off the water supply valve and disconnecting and reconnecting the release plug from the back of the freezer. You’ll then have to manually take any ice out of the tray, turn the fridge back on, and allow the mold to refill with water. If the ice still won’t come out a few hours later, you’ll need to replace the motor or gearbox. Speedy can easily and quickly replace the part you need since we stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels.”

When Ice Isn’t Being Made At All

  • Problem: There might be a clog in the water line.
  • Fix: You’ll have to slide your refrigerator out and turn off the shut-off valve. From here, you can use a turkey baster with warm water or a hairdryer to melt the clog. If you notice that the clog is any color but translucent, you’ll need professional help. With over 70 years of experience, Speedy can be that help!

If you’re experiencing ice maker issues or are in need of refrigerator or freezer repair services, call Speedy Sub Zero Repairs. Our trained technicians can provide you with high-quality, same-day service on Long Island or in NYC. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 866-782-9376.


Why is There Frost Buildup in My Freezer?

How many of you have ever had to chip away at ice in your freezer just to be able to get a bag of frozen peas or a tub of ice cream out of it? While your freezer is meant to keep things cold, it’s not supposed to turn into an icy tundra. If there’s frost buildup in your freezer, there are a few parts that you can check with some help from Speedy.

The Refrigerator Defrost Sensor

The sensor detects when the evaporator may overheat, and turns off the defrost heater if it thinks the temperature is getting too hot. If the defrost sensor isn’t working correctly and trips, you could end up with frost buildup on your evaporator fins, causing the freezer to cool improperly. Speedy can replace your defrost sensor quickly, since we stock 99% of parts in our warehouse on wheels.

The Refrigerator Defrost System

The system melts frost from the evaporator in order to improve heat exchange. The process includes the compressor stopping, the defrost heating element turning on, and frost melting away from the evaporator fins. The water then goes into the evaporator tray and is blown through a defrost drain tube to a drain pan where it evaporates. If any part of that process doesn’t happen properly or work, you’ll need to repair the part that’s causing the problem

The Freezer Door

Over time, your door can begin to sag and let warm, moist air into your freezer. This can lead to excessive frost that can cause the drain tube to freeze. A simple repair by Speedy can align your freezer door, so you no longer have to worry about frost.

Speedy Sub Zero Repair can service your freezer within the hour since we stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels,” so it’s back to working properly. For refrigerator and freezer repairs on Long Island, call 866-782-9376.



Recycling Your Old Fridge

When you’re finished with your food, you toss milk cartons, cans, and plastic containers into your recycling bin. So why should it be any different when you’re done with your fridge? Every appliance has a life span, and once we’ve gotten full use out of ours, it should be properly disposed of. Here are a few ways you can recycle your old fridge once you no longer need it.

Recycle Your Old Fridge or Freeze When You Buy a New ENERGY STAR Model

When it’s time to replace your old fridge or freezer, choose a retailer that partners with the EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program. The program is made up of volunteers who make it their mission to protect our ozone layer and reduce the number of greenhouse gasses that go into the air. They do this by:

  • Salvaging ozone-depleting chemicals that are found in household appliances, such as fridges and freezers.
  • Making sure that any parts of your fridge or freezer that aren’t green-friendly — such as refrigerants, foam, mercury, oil, etc. — are collected and disposed of properly.
  • Recycling all other materials of your fridge, such as metals, plastic, and glass.

Often, your retailer will pick up your old fridge or freezer when they drop off your new one, so ask if the unit will be recycled properly.

Check Your State Energy Office or Local Utility

More and more utility organizations are supporting refrigerator and freezer recycling programs. Check to see if there is one in your area you can contact. You might even get cash or utility bill credits for recycling your old fridge.

Ask About Municipal Appliance Pick-Up

Your town trash division might offer the option for heavy trash pick-up and participate in proper appliance recycling practices. Give them a call to see if they provide those services.

Talk to a Scrap Metal Recycler

If all else fails, check scrap metal yards. Many of these groups can dispose of your old fridge or freezer. Just be sure to ask if they will properly recycle your unit.

While it’s great to know your options when it comes to recycling your old fridge or freezer, there’s no need to get rid of it when a simple repair from Speedy Sub Zero Repair could have it as good as new! We can service your fridge or freezer within the hour and even stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels,” so your fridge will be up and running in no time. For refrigerator and freezer repairs on Long Island, call 866-782-9376.


Why is My Fridge So Noisy?

It’s normal for your refrigerator to make a bit of noise – some ticking, humming, or even some clacking if you have an automatic ice maker. But if your fridge makes so much noise that it disturbs you when you’re in your kitchen, there’s a problem. If you’re confused as to why your fridge is so noisy, we’ve got some answers.

When There’s Noise Coming from the Back

If you think the noise is coming from the back of your fridge, you could be looking at three potential problems. Your condenser fan could be covered in dust and cause it to produce noise, or the fan could have a faulty motor which you’ll need to get replaced. If the problem is your defrost timer, you’ll need to replace that component entirely. You will also have to replace your condenser if it’s too noisy. Since it’s not always safe to be futzing around with the back components of your fridge, call Speedy Sub Zero Repairs for service within one hour, and get your fridge to hush up.

When There’s Noise Coming from the Inside

The noise will probably be coming from the inside of your fridge if it’s self-defrosting. This is usually caused by the fan used to circulate air throughout the fridge and freezer. Depending on what model of refrigerator you have, the fan could be located in different areas. You can check if the fan is the problem by opening your freezer and pushing the light switch in. If the noise gets worse, that’s a sign that the fan has a faulty motor and will need to be replaced. When you call Speedy, we’ll be able to fix your fridge on the spot, since we stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels.”

If you’re in need of refrigerator repair, you need Speedy Sub Zero Repairs. You can even get $25 off of your repair with our coupon. For more information or to schedule a repair in Nassau County, Queens, or NYC, call 866-782-9376.



Why is My Refrigerator Freezing Everything?

If you wanted your salad and cold cuts frozen, you would’ve put them in your freezer. But you didn’t, so why is a bunch of food in your fridge frozen? Obviously, you’ll want to get this fixed, so your food doesn’t go to waste, but do you even know what’s causing the problem? If your fridge is freezing everything, these reasons may be why.

The Temperature

Before you get yourself in a tizzy, check your fridge’s thermostat to see if it’s set too low. Maybe someone bumped it and caused the knob to be set to a cooler degree than necessary. Luckily, this is pretty easy to fix — just adjust it to the right temperature.

The Vent

Each fridge has a vent that supplies cold air and is usually in the back of the unit. If you place foods too close to the vent, they could freeze from being hit by too much of that air. Move the foods forward, so they’re at least five inches from the back of your fridge. If that doesn’t help, you may have a more serious problem.

The Thermostat

If the temperature is properly set and foods are still freezing, you may have a faulty thermostat. To test this, place a cup of water inside your fridge with a cooking thermometer in it. Adjust your fridge’s temperature up or down, and leave the cup in there for six hours. If it does not match the fridge’s temperature when you check it later on, your thermostat is most likely not working and will need to be replaced.

The Damper

The air damper opens and closes to regulate the amount of cold air in your fridge. If your fridge is freezing everything, your damper may be damaged or stuck in the open position. You’ll need to call a professional technician to repair this.

If you’re in need of refrigerator repairs, call Speedy Sub Zero Repairs. We can quickly repair your refrigerator the same day you call us, since we stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels.”  For refrigerator repair services on Long Island and beyond, call us at 866-782-9376.