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How to Keep Your Fridge Clean

You probably tell yourself all the time that, this month, you’re going to get down into the nitty-gritty of your fridge and make it spotlessly clean. But how often does that actually happen? We get it – cleaning your fridge isn’t the easiest (or most fun) task on your to-do list. If you’re one of those people who only cleans out the fridge when it starts to smell bad, it might be wise to take a day to implement some tips that will keep your fridge clean and organized all the time.

Avoid Spills with Plastic Wrap

Spills normally require you to take most of your food out of the fridge before cleaning the mess. Save yourself time and effort by placing plastic wrap over each shelf, so you can quickly remove spills that way. If you don’t want to wrap the entire shelf, just place the plastic wrap around items that tend to spill.

Don’t Mix Foods

You risk contamination if your milk, veggies, and meats are together in the same spot. Put your veggies in drawers, your meat on bottom shelves, and your milk on top shelves. This way, if the meat packaging should leak, the rest of your food is safe.

Stock the Door Well

Certain foods should be stored on your fridge door since it keeps food at different temperatures. Place condiments such as mustards and salad dressings here. However, don’t keep juices or milk here since the door won’t keep them cold enough. Lukewarm milk? Gross!

Avoid Overbuying

Every time you plan on going grocery shopping, check your fridge and pantry first, and make a list of what you actually need. This way, you won’t end up buying food you don’t need or have room for. Plus, you’ll save money by not buying items you already have.

It’s important to keep your fridge clean so you can extend its life. It’s also important to schedule tune-ups and get repairs done when you need them. If you’re in need of fridge maintenance or repairs on Long Island, call Speedy Sub Zero Repairs at 866-782-9376. We provide same day service within one hour 24/7 – “you just can’t beat the service!”



How to Maintain Your Freezer

Your freezer works night and day to keep your frozen items fresher for longer. Without it, how could you stock a plethora of burgers for cookouts or boxes upon boxes of ravioli for Sunday dinners? Since it plays such an important role in your kitchen, it’s important to properly maintain your freezer. There are a few easy chores you can perform to keep it running efficiently.

Defrost Your Freezer

Some freezers have a self-defroster, but if you have a manual-defrost freezer, you’ll have to do it yourself. Aim to defrost your freezer any time there’s a half-inch or more of ice build-up on the interior walls.

Vacuum the Condenser Coils

If your condenser coils are covered in dust, your freezer will have to work harder to keep food cold – that means higher electric bills and a shorter lifespan. Every three months, vacuum your condenser coils to remove any built up dust.

Clean the Drain Hole and Pan

If your freezer is self-defrosting, you have to keep the drain hole clean. Unplug your freezer, clear out any deposits that may be clogged in the drain hole, and wash the drain pan out as well.

Check the Seal

A tight seal on your door helps your freezer achieve and maintain a constant temperature without overworking the condenser. Check the rubber gasket to make sure it doesn’t have any cracks or tears. Then, test the seal by shutting the door on a dollar bill; if you can pull the bill out easily, you should replace the gasket. If not, just wipe it down to remove any dirt.

If you notice any problems with your freezer while doing your maintenance, call Speedy Sub Zero Repairs. We can provide you with service within the hour since our “warehouse on wheels” stocks 99% of needed parts. If you’re in need of freezer repairs on Long Island, call 866-782-9376.


Alternative Uses for Wine Coolers

Wine coolers have become a popular home appliance over the past few years. More and more wine-lovers are adding the accessory to their homes and keeping their wine at perfect temperatures. Let’s say that you’re running low on wine and fridge space one day. Can you use your cooler to store things besides wine? The answer is yes. There are plenty of alternative uses for your wine cooler.

Storing Olive Oil

Olive oil is usually best when it is kept in wine cellars at a temperature of 57 degrees. If you’re like a large majority of homeowners who don’t have wine cellars in their homes, you can set your wine cooler to that temperature and store your olive oil there so it doesn’t lose its flavor.

Cooling Glasses

If you’re more of a beer drinker, a wine cooler is a great appliance to have to keep your glasses and mugs cold. Freezing your mugs actually diminishes the beer’s taste and can cause them to pick up smells from inside your freezer. Store your glasses inside your cooler, and take them out right before you pour yourself an ice cold brew.


If you consider yourself a handyman, you can modify your wine cooler into a kegerator for quick access to cold beer. You’ll need to add a tap and a tank of carbon dioxide to the cooler, but there are plenty of websites and message boards you can check for instructions on how to make this DIY bar tap.

If you find that your wine cooler isn’t performing how it should, call the experts at Speedy Sub Zero Repairs. We can provide you repair service within the hour since we stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels.” Call us today at 866-782-9376!



Common Freezer Problems

A stand-alone freezer makes it easy to stock up on frozen foods so you can buy in bulk and save money. However, if your freezer goes on the fritz, it’s not serving its purpose. If you notice you’re having freezer problems, troubleshoot them with these tips.

If There’s Frost Inside Your Freezer:

While some frost is normal, excessive frost in your freezer is not. More than likely, your unit is letting in warm, moist air which then freezes inside it. This can be caused by a damaged lid, door seal, or inner lining that will need to be repaired or replaced.

If There’s a Sheet of Ice at the Bottom of Your Freezer:

If you have an upright freezer, sheets of ice can be a result of a clogged defrost drain tube. If the tube is clogged, water can puddle at the bottom of your freezer and form sheets of ice. Cleaning out the defrost tube should fix the problem.

If the Outer Walls of Your Freezer are Warm:

It’s normal for the outer walls of your unit to get warm when the compressor is running. However, if the walls are getting very hot, the condenser fan might not be working properly, or your freezer coils may be dirty. Depending on the problem, you may just need to do some maintenance and cleaning, or you may need to replace the condenser fan motor.

If your freezer problems require a bit more work than just a cleaning, call the experts at Speedy Subzero Repairs. We are your go-to for all refrigerator, freezer, and wine cooler repairs on Long Island. Call us at 866-782-9376 for repairs within the hour!



Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Whether you’re a long-time homeowner or you’re moving into your own place for the first time, there are some kitchen appliances that are essential for creating a space of convenience and ease. While there are some that suit certain homeowners better than others, these are a few must-haves for every kitchen.


If you’re a fan of smoothies, you need to have one of these in your kitchen. You can easily whip up delicious fruit smoothies for a quick, on-the-go breakfast in the morning, and blend veggies into creamy soups for nightly dinners. If you need a little treat at the end of the day, use your blender to make yourself a frozen margarita. (We won’t tell!)

Food Processors

These bad boys are a jack of all trades when it comes to kitchen appliances. They save you tons of time by chopping, slicing, and pureeing a wide variety of foods. Plus they can keep you from pointlessly dirtying other bowls and cutlery. Need to make a pesto sauce? Drop all the ingredients in your food processor for a minute, and enjoy the smooth result.

Toaster Ovens

If you have available counter space, definitely invest in a convection-powered toaster oven. This kitchen appliance preheats in just five minutes and is able to do way more than just heat food or make toast. You can forgo using your big oven and bake cookies, pies, pizza, and more in this powerful little guy.

Coffee Maker

This one sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people waste money every single day on their morning coffee. Purchase a programmable coffee maker that will wake you up with a hot cup of java each day. Good-quality models can keep your coffee hot for hours without scorching the brew.

Having the right appliance makes for easy cooking every time. Make sure all your kitchen appliances are running properly with help from Speedy Sub Zero Repairs. We offer refrigerator and appliance repair services to all of Long Island, NYC, & beyond. Call us at 866-782-9376 today for help within the hour!