Common Freezer Problems

A stand-alone freezer makes it easy to stock up on frozen foods so you can buy in bulk and save money. However, if your freezer goes on the fritz, it’s not serving its purpose. If you notice you’re having freezer problems, troubleshoot them with these tips.

If There’s Frost Inside Your Freezer:

While some frost is normal, excessive frost in your freezer is not. More than likely, your unit is letting in warm, moist air which then freezes inside it. This can be caused by a damaged lid, door seal, or inner lining that will need to be repaired or replaced.

If There’s a Sheet of Ice at the Bottom of Your Freezer:

If you have an upright freezer, sheets of ice can be a result of a clogged defrost drain tube. If the tube is clogged, water can puddle at the bottom of your freezer and form sheets of ice. Cleaning out the defrost tube should fix the problem.

If the Outer Walls of Your Freezer are Warm:

It’s normal for the outer walls of your unit to get warm when the compressor is running. However, if the walls are getting very hot, the condenser fan might not be working properly, or your freezer coils may be dirty. Depending on the problem, you may just need to do some maintenance and cleaning, or you may need to replace the condenser fan motor.

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