Common Fridge Problems

Think about how often you use your fridge, and we’re not talking about how often you open it to get food. When you really think about, you use your fridge 24/7/365 — you never turn it off. So if it suddenly stops working, you may not know why or what to do. That’s why knowing the common fridge problems can help you diagnose and fix your fridge sooner.

Common Fridge Problems:

Puddles of water under your refrigerator.

Often, this happens because the line connected to your ice maker has sprung a leak. The easiest way to fix this temporary is to shut off the valve on the line. Once that’s done, you’ll want to get the line replaced to permanently fix the problem.

Pooling water inside your refrigerator.

Your drain tube is most likely the issue, either because it’s blocked by debris or because it’s frozen. If it’s frozen, you can defrost it using a turkey baster and warm water. If it’s clogged, it’s best to call the professionals to fix it.

Your fridge is using more energy than normal.

Your condenser coils are probably too dirty. You’ll need to clean them using a vacuum to get rid of dust and pet hair. Aim to get your coils cleaned regularly to keep your energy costs down.

Your freezer looks like an igloo.

This is a very common fridge problem. Too much ice could be caused by a faulty gasket that’s allowing air to leak out and causing your freezer to work overtime. If you notice any tears or worn down areas on your freezer door gasket, you’ll need to have it replaced to fix the problem.

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