Consequences of Poor Fridge Maintenance

We have previously talked about how to keep your refrigerator looking and running like new, but not everybody will follow these steps. Just
like with a car, failing to properly maintain your kitchen appliances
will catch up with you sooner or later. A poor maintenance routine
for your refrigerator will have short-term and long-term


Short-Term Problems
properly taking care of your refrigerator will be noticed
immediately, most notably in your electric bill. Neglecting simple
tasks, such as cleaning the condenser coils, can really hurt your
appliance’s energy-efficiency. Failure to periodically inspect the
door gasket is another way for your refrigerator’s energy consumption
to skyrocket. A faulty seal will result in cold air escaping, which
your refrigerator must replace by working harder and using more
electricity. Over time, this increase in energy can add begin to add
Long-Term Problems
A poor
refrigerator maintenance routine will eventually cost you more than a
higher utility bill. It places a heavier workload on your
refrigerator’s compressor, and the wear and tear adds up. Over the
course of several years, this added work will catch up to your
appliance in the form of malfunctions and defects. If you are not
regularly examining the different parts of your refrigerator, you
will not see the warning signs that a breakdown is on the horizon.
Even the most simple of refrigerator repairs can be expensive, and if
your unit is broken beyond saving, buying a new one will set you back
several hundreds of dollars.
into a regular maintenance routine for your refrigerator is a great
way to prevent future problems, but still nothing is 100% effective.
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