DIY Home Tune-Up for Your Refrigerator

was the last time you brought your car to the mechanic for a tune up?
What about your refrigerator?
like your automobile, your fridge will run better and last longer
when it is properly maintained. Luckily, tuning up your refrigerator
can be done in 20 minutes and won’t set you back a couple hundred
dollars like your car will.
follow this step-by-step routine every six months to keep your
refrigerator running efficiently and extend its lifespan.
  1. Remove
    all food from the inside of your refrigerator and unplug it from the
    wall. If you want, you can place your food in a cooler to help
    prevent it from spoiling.
  2. Wipe
    down the shelves, drawers, and inner walls of your refrigerator with
    a soapy rag to get rid of any stains and residue.
  3. Inspect
    the rubber door seal. If it is cracked or otherwise damaged, you
    should replace it to stop cold air from escaping. If everything
    looks good, wipe it down with a wet cloth and apply a thin coat of Vaseline to prevent it from drying out.
  4. Slide
    your refrigerator away from the wall. Using the brush attachment for
    your vacuum cleaner, vacuum the condenser coils (located on the rear
    of the unit) to remove any visible dust and hair. This will improve
    your energy efficiency and place less wear-and-tear on your
    refrigerator’s compressor.
  5. If
    your refrigerator has a water dispenser or ice maker, replace the
    water filter. This process is different for every model, so refer to
    your owner’s manual for further instructions.
  6. Plug
    your refrigerator in, slide it back into place (leave at least six
    inches of space between the back of your fridge and the wall to
    allow for adequate ventilation), and replace your food – you’re
If this
seems like too much work, you can always seek professional help. Long
Island residents can count on the services of Speedy Subzero for
fast, dependable refrigerator repairs and tune ups. We have more than
75 years of experience and can be at your doorstep within one hour of
your call – just dial 866-782-9376 at any time to speak with one
of our licensed technicians.

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