Does Freezing Batteries Extend Their Life?

are countless tips and tricks for everything imaginable posted on the
internet and discussed around office water coolers, most of them too
obscure to believe. Keep dust and dirt off of your home’s curtains by
applying several coats of hairspray to them. Place three drops of
vinegar on your tongue to cure the hiccups. Store your household
batteries in the refrigerator to make them last longer. Speedy
Subzero may not know much about curtains or the hiccups – but we
know refrigerators – which is why we are going to take a closer
look at the last tip to see if it is true or not.
to, standard alkaline batteries stored at a normal
room temperature self discharge their energy at a rate of 2% per
year. Raise the temperature to 85°
F and
the rate increases to about 5% per year. Increase it again to about
F and
the rate skyrockets to 25% per year! With this knowledge, it is easy
to understand why people advocate storing your batteries in the
truth is that you should not store batteries in the refrigerator,
especially if you do not live in an extremely hot climate. The best
case scenario is that you increase their lifespan by an insignificant
margin. On the other hand, refrigerating your batteries can lead to
condensation, which can actually corrode and damage them. In fact,
both Energizer and Duracell advise against this method, instead
saying to store their products in a dry, room-temperature climate for
optimal performance.
over 60 years Speedy Subzero has been repairing refrigerators so that
everything in them stays fresh, even batteries. Our “warehouse on
wheels” storage approach allows us to provide one hour service to
New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. We are open 24/7, even on
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