Everything You Need to Know About Wine Refrigerators

What are wine

A wine
refrigerator – also known as a wine cooler or wine chiller – is a
refrigerator specially designed to store bottles of wine at an ideal
temperature and humidity.
Can’t my normal
refrigerator do that?
No. The temperature of your kitchen refrigerator is usually too cold
for the proper storage of wine. Different wines should be stored and
served at different temperatures, but generally speaking, 55° is
around the average temperature wine should be kept at – almost 20°
warmer than a normal refrigerator. It is also important for wine to
be stored at a consistent temperature to maintain its integrity, and
a refrigerator’s temperature fluctuates every time it’s opened (which
is a lot!).
What should I look for
when shopping for a wine refrigerator?
shopping for a new wine refrigerator, it is important to keep your
purpose in mind. The needs of the average person just looking for a
better way to store their dinner wine is much different than a
full-blown wine connoisseur and enthusiast. Here are some key factors
to consider when purchasing a wine cooler:
  • Price. The
    first thing you should do when shopping for a wine refrigerator is
    set a budget. This step is important because if you don’t have a
    maximum number you are able to spend, you could wind up dropping
    several thousands of dollars. Your budget should depend on the other
    factors as well, but never spend more than is comfortable for you.
  • Capacity. One
    of the biggest differences among different wine coolers is their
    capacity – some are made to store 6-8 bottles, and some can hold
    several dozen. This number is completely up to you, but to be safe,
    always buy one that can store about 20% more than you think you will
    need (as long as you can afford it).
  • Style. Wine
    refrigerators come in two distinct styles – built-in and
    standalone. Built-in models are designed for seamless integration
    into your kitchen, as they are meant to be installed directly into
    your cabinetry. On the other hand, standalone models can be placed
    anywhere there is an electrical outlet.
  • Appearance. The
    appearance of your wine refrigerator is important. If it is going
    into a kitchen or home bar, there is likely already an established
    theme. Wine refrigerators come in a variety of appearances including
    stainless steel, wood, and tempered glass.
  • Temperature zones.
    As previously mentioned,
    different types of wine call for different storage temperatures. For
    example, it is recommended that white wines be served at
    temperatures 10-15° lower than red wines. To help solve this
    problem, some wine cooler manufactures include multiple temperature
    zones – if you are willing to pay the price.
  • Other factors. Other
    things you should consider when buying a wine refrigerator include
    noise level, shelving flexibility, energy usage, reversible hinges,
    and whether or not you can lock it.
If you
are buying a wine cooler to replace an existing, broken one, it may
be worth looking at repair options first. Many times, wine coolers
can be fixed for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace
them. If you live in Long Island or New York City and need your wine
cooler repaired, call Speedy Subzero at 866-782-9376. We offer 24/7
emergency service and same-day repairs done in the comfort of your
own home.

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