FAQs About Wine

Wine is
one of the most studied and scrutinized beverages in the world, but
those of us who are not experts can easily be overwhelmed by the
amount of information available. If you are new to the wine world,
here is a good place to start.
At what temperature
should I serve wine?
there is no standard temperature that every wine is best served at.
As a rule of thumb, experts agree that red wines should be served at
a higher temperature than white wines, which should be served at a
higher temperature than sparkling wines. Here is a great chart from
BetterTastingWine.com which goes into more detail.
In what order should I
serve my wines?
serving multiple wines, adhere to these guidelines in order to
acclimate your taste buds to the increasing strength and complexity
of flavor:
  • Dry
    before sweet
  • White
    before red
  • Light
    before heavy
  • Young
    before old
What does it mean to let
wine “breathe”? Should I do it?
process of letting wine breathe simply means exposing it to oxygen
before you drink it. This isn’t necessary for most white wines, but
some red wines can benefit from this. Opening the bottle roughly one
hour before consuming it will make the wine smoother and more
aromatic for the drinker.
How long do I have to
drink my wine after the bottle is opened?
wines will last between three days and a week after opening if the
storage conditions are right. Limiting your leftover wine’s exposure
to heat, light, and air is essential to keeping it fresh; your
refrigerator should do a decent job at that.
How many grapes go into a
bottle of wine?
to Round Barn Winery, the average bottle of wine contains 177 grapes,
or roughly 2½ pounds worth.
What is the best way to
store wines if I don’t want to invest in a wine cellar?
If you
enjoy the occasional bottle of wine, but are far from a connoisseur,
you may be wondering how to best store your bottles. If you are
looking for a good storage system that won’t set you back thousands
of dollars, invest in a wine cooler. These mini fridge-lookalikes are
specially designed for storing between 6-12 bottles of wine and can
be purchased for less than $200.
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