Foods Not to Freeze

When you go out on a large food haul, you’re probably going to have items that you want to place in your freezer to keep fresh for later. However, some foods are better off being kept in your refrigerator. In fact, some foods should never be frozen at all.

  1. Salad Greens: You may want to freeze your greens and herbs to make them last longer, but leafy greens will become dark and lose their flavor in such cold temperatures. Once defrosted, they will be limp and no longer suitable for crunchy salads. It’s best to keep washed and dried greens wrapped in a paper towel in your fridge.
  2. Yogurt: There is a big difference between frozen yogurt and yogurt that is frozen. If you place it in your freezer, yogurt will separate and only be good to cook with. Forget the DIY frozen yogurt, and just go to your local sweet shop instead.
  3. Milk: After being frozen, milk won’t thaw to its regular consistency. Instead, it will be chunky, and who wants to drink that? The good news is that thawed milk can still be used for cooking – just make sure you let it sit in your fridge for several hours before using it.
  4. Fried Food: The best part about fried food is the crispy, greasy crunch that you experience when you bite it. If you freeze your leftover fried chicken, all that goodness will be no more. Even if you try to reheat the fried food, all the oil will have seeped away. Our advice – eat it all in one shot so you don’t need to save any.
  5. Cheese: Cheeses already have a long fridge life, so there’s really no reason to freeze them. If you do, hard cheeses will turn crumbly, while soft cheeses’ moisture will crystallize the fluffy texture. Wasted cheese is a crime, so just leave it in your fridge.

Other foods, like eggs, can crack and leak, leaving you with a smelly mess and a potentially damaged freezer. If you are experiencing any freezer problems, call Speedy Sub Zero Repairs to come fix it within the hour!

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