Freezer Buying Guide

Standalone freezers are great investments for homeowners. Not only are they
super energy-efficient, but they also provide an extra space to store
your frozen foods – something which you can’t put a price on. If you have
never purchased a freezer before, don’t worry; this guide will lay
out everything you need to know about finding the one that is right
for you.
Location, Location.
are you going to keep your freezer? This sounds like a small,
insignificant detail, but it can actually impact your buying process.
Not all freezers can operated in an unheated/uncooled area, so if you
plan on running yours in a garage or unfinished basement, your options might be limited.
Size and Style.
are two main styles of freezers: upright and chest. Both configurations offer their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.
Chest freezers are more energy-efficient and offer more storage
space, while standalone freezers provide easier access to your food and
require less floor space in your house. Both styles of freezers also come in a variety of
sizes; the one that is best for you depends on space limitations, as
well as your eating and shopping habits.
Energy Efficiency.
you buy a new appliance such as a freezer, it is not a one-time
payment. In addition to the hundreds of dollars you will have to
shell out at the time of the purchase, you will also have to pay
money every month to operate it. While it may cost a little more up
front, investing in an Energy Star-certified model can save you tons
of money down the road.
Extra Features.
This is
really dependent on your budget, but if you have some extra money to
work with, you might want to splurge for some state-of-the-art features.
Certain manufacturers now make models which include special features such as self-defrosting interiors, fast-freeze sections, and alarms that
sound when the temperature gets too warm.
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