Freshen Up Your Fridge! Eliminate Bad Odors With These Three Methods

odors are something that we all have to deal with sooner or later.
With the variety of foods that are stored in your refrigerator, it is
only a matter of time before something starts to stink. If your
fridge is offending your nostrils, use these three tips to freshen it
Ransack the Rubbish
main cause for a smelly refrigerator is simply expired food. Many
times, raw meat or old eggs can be pushed to the back of fridge and
forgotten about for weeks – until they start stinking up your whole
kitchen. If your fridge reeks to high heaven, conduct a full clean
out and throw away any foods which have spoiled. Then take the
garbage outside immediately to prevent the smell from spreading to
your whole house.
Use Airtight Packaging
food doesn’t need to be expired to give off foul odors. Many times,
leftovers which are still good (I’m looking at you, pizza) smell
strongly enough to overwhelm your entire refrigerator. Prevent this
from happening to you by storing all leftovers in airtight
containers; this will not only help control the smell, it will keep
your food fresh for longer too.
Mask the Smell With
Natural Ingredients
If the
smell is bad enough, it will stick around even after the food is
gone. If this is the case in your kitchen, use some natural remedies
to cover up the stench. Baking soda and coffee grounds work well at
absorbing odors, and ingredients such as vanilla, and cinnamon can
overpower most bad aromas.
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