Fridge Terms You Should Know

Any time you hear us talk about fridge repair, there may be a few words that make you tilt your head and go “huh?” That’s probably because, if you’re not  refrigerator repair technician, those terms don’t come up in conversation too often. So to make things easier, here are a few fridge terms you should know.

Fridge Terms You Should Know

Adjustable Thermostat

An adjustable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your fridge to meet your specific cooling needs.

Auto Defrost/Defrost Cycle

This term applies to different models of refrigerator that prevent ice build-up in your unit. Rather than requiring you to defrost it yourself, these units run a defrost cycle that melts any ice that has built up in the fridge.


These is a term used to describe refrigerators that have more powerful compressors than regular units and are meant to handle the door being opened more often.

Door Gasket

This is the rubber strip that is attached to your door and is meant to form an airtight seal when the door is closed.

Manual Defrost

These units need to be defrost by hand because they don’t have defrost cycles to get rid of ice buildup. It’s best to do these outside so you don’t get water all over your house or office.


These units do not have compressor, but rather, they use cooling nodes to pull heat out keep a constant temperature. They are more energy efficient than compressor units, but can only reach 20 degrees below the room’s temperature.

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