Homemade Cleaner for Your Refrigerator

your refrigerator clean and organized doesn’t have to take a long
time, and you don’t need any fancy products to do it. In fact, many
commercial cleaners contain non-FDA-approved chemicals which are
harmful to the health of you and your family – even the ones that
say “all natural”!
If you
are looking for a quick, easy, and organic way to keep your
refrigerator neat and free from odors and bacteria, just follow these
  1. Mix
    the following in a spray bottle:
    • 2
      cups hot water
    • 1
      cup white vinegar
    • 10
      drops of your favorite essential oil
  1. Turn
    the refrigerator off, or turn the temperature all the way up. This
    will help you save energy during the process.
  1. Take
    out everything from the inside of the refrigerator. This includes
    your food and drinks as well as any removable shelves and drawers.
  1. Clean
    the shelves and drawers with dish soap and warm water under the
    sink. Lay out to dry.
  1. Using
    the homemade spray, clean the interior of your refrigerator with a
    sponge or a cloth until all visible stains and mildew are gone.
    Don’t forget the back wall, ceiling, and inside of the door.
  1. Dry
    the inside of your refrigerator with a clean towel. Dry and replace
    the shelves and drawers. Turn the temperature back down or plug the
    refrigerator in.
  1. Filter
    through your food, throwing away that which has expired. Now,
    organize it and restock your fridge following these guidelines.
In the
time it took you to watch half of your favorite television show, you
have successfully cleaned and organized your refrigerator! If you are
cleaning your unit and notice it is making loud noises, leaking, or
malfunctioning in any other way, give the experts at Speedy Subzero a
call at 866-782-9376. We serve all of Long Island and New York City
and can repair your fridge on the day you call, regardless of the
make or model!

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