How Auto-Defrost Refrigerators Work

Out of
all the crazy features that new refrigerators have (like the ability
to hook up to your home’s WiFi), few are more useful than
As your
refrigerator runs, a layer of ice can accumulate in the freezer
section. If you have a manual defrost refrigerator, this icy build up
can continue to grow and eat away at your freezer space. To get rid
of this accumulation, you will either have to use a hair dryer or
unplug your refrigerator and wait for it to melt – and you will
need to find a place to store your food in the meantime.
the convenience of the auto-defrost feature means that this is no
longer necessary for those who opt to pay a little more money. Every
8-12 hours (depending on the refrigerator), the inside of your
freezer will heat up just enough to melt any ice which has formed on
the inner wall. The water that is produced runs through a drain tube
and empties into the drip pan, which is located underneath the
refrigerator. Here, it quickly evaporates due to the heat from the
compressor, and the cycle starts all over.
of the benefits of an automatically defrosting refrigerator include:
  • Save
    the time and hassle of manually defrosting.
  • Freezers
    with thick layers of ice consume more energy than auto-defrost
  • Your
    freezer’s full storage space is available.
you own an auto-defrost refrigerator which isn’t properly working,
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