How Long Will Refrigerated Food Last During a Power Outage?

it is caused by a storm, downed power line, or unpaid electricity
bill, power outages are something we all must face. Besides finding
ways to keep entertained and see in the dark without lights, one of
the biggest challenges we face when the power goes out is keeping our
food fresh.
to Angie’s List, food in your refrigerator will typically only stay
cold for about 4-6 hours before it is no longer safe for consumption.
Food in the freezer, on the other hand can last up to 2 days without
time your power goes out, use these tips to avoid eating spoiled food
and getting sick.
  • Keep the door
    Even when your
    refrigerator is on, as much as 30% of the cold air can escape when
    you open the door. When the power is out, your refrigerator can’t
    replace this lost air, so constantly opening the door during a power
    outage will cause your food to spoil much quicker than just leaving
    it closed.
  • Insulate your
    It seems
    counterintuitive, but covering your refrigerator in thick blankets
    can help it stay cold for longer. If you don’t have extra blankets,
    newspaper makes a great insulator as well. Make sure not to cover
    the rear vents in case the power turns back on overnight or while
    you are away.
  • Check the chart. has a chart
    which lays out their recommended guidelines for handling
    refrigerated food after a power outage. It is important to know
    which food items can be spared and which need to go.
  • When it doubt, throw
    it out.
    This is the golden
    rule of food safety; if you are unsure whether or not something is
    okay to consume, play it safe and throw it away. No dinner is worth
    food poisoning and a trip to the hospital.
tips can also apply to other situations where your refrigerator isn’t
working – such as when it breaks. In this case, the best way to
keep your food from spoiling is by getting your appliance fixed as
soon as possible. Luckily for residents of Long Island, Speedy
Subzero refrigerator repairs guarantees one hour service to Nassau
and Suffolk Counties. Our phone lines are always open, call us
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