How the Refrigerator Has Changed Our Lives

about every kitchen in America (99.5 percent) comes fully-equipped
with a refrigerator. Refrigerators run 24/7 keeping our food cold,
refreshing, and bacteria-free, but they are under-appreciated. Most
of us have never experienced life without refrigeration, except for
the occasional camping trip, so we take them for granted in our daily
lives. Here is a brief summary on the history of refrigeration, and
why the Smithsonian proclaimed it to be the most important invention
in the history of food.
to the invention of the home refrigerator, keeping food cold was not
an easy task. For centuries, people stored their food in outdoor
window boxes, cellars, and even underwater in nearby lakes in an
effort to keep the food cool. Other time-tested methods of
preservation included salting and pickling.
came the ice revolution. Starting in the late 1700s, ice harvesting
and transportation became very popular. Pioneered by Frederick Tudor
and Nathaniel Wyeth, large quantities of ice were harvested from
frozen ponds and lakes and shipped to warmer climates. As insulation
improved and less ice melted during transportation, the ice trade
flourished and revolutionized other industries such as the meat,
vegetable, and fruit industries.
the ice trade was a revolution in itself, it was far from perfect. By
the late 1890s, natural sources of ice became scarce due to pollution
and sewage dumping. Advances in technology allowed for commercial
refrigeration to be available to breweries and meat-packing
businesses by the 1910s, but still no household version was
forward about 50 years and household refrigerators were being
mass-produced and became a staple of the American house. The
implementation of refrigerators into our homes has increased our
quality of life by allowing us to eat better, fresher foods. We no
longer have to rely on ice delivery companies and our diets have
expanded and diversified, in addition to the health benefits. By
keeping foods at a constant temperature of 40° or lower, bacteria
growth is slowed and the lifespan of our food is increased by several
days or weeks.
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