How to Get The Most Bang For Your Buck When Appliance Shopping

A new
refrigerator, stove, or washing machine can last well over 10 years,
so it is not too often that you find yourself needing a new one.
Appliances are long-term investments, so it is important to choose
the right one when making a purchase. Before taking a trip to the
local appliance store, use these tips to get the most bang for your
buck when you are ready to buy.

multiple retailers.
With today’s multitude of stores and online retailers, there is no
reason why a consumer should only visit one before making a purchase
decision. Check a few local appliance stores and even an online site
or two before deciding who to buy from. Doing this will help prevent
you from overpaying for an appliance and take advantage of special
deals or “limited time only” sales.
for energy star.
Energy Star appliances are a must for anyone looking to maximize
value. Products with an Energy Star tag have been tested by the EPA
and proven to yield significant energy savings. These products may be
slightly more expensive at the time of purchase, but the energy
savings they provide will make up for the difference in no time.
There are also government rebates available for some Energy Star
purchases which offset the high purchase prices. For a list of
rebates available in your area, click here.
what the sale price includes.
To get the most bang for your buck when appliance shopping, it is
essential to know what the price includes. For example, two stores
offer the exact same stove – $900 at Store A and $950 at Store B.
Store A may seem like the better deal, but look closer and you’ll see
that Store B’s price also includes delivery, installation, and the
haul away of your old stove, making it the better of the two deals.
times, appliances can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of
buying a new one. If you are replacing your refrigerator because it
is not working properly, call Speedy Sub Zero repairs to see if it
can be fixed first. We are Long Island’s #1 choice for refrigerator
repairs, and have over 60 years of experience in the industry. Our
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