How to Get the Most Out of Your Refrigerator

average lifespan of a brand new refrigerator is roughly 15 years, but
only if it is properly taken care of. If you misuse or neglect your
refrigerator, you could find yourself back in the appliance store in
as little as 8. If you have recently purchased a new fridge, you know
that they aren’t cheap. Use these five tips to protect your
investment and get the most out of your refrigerator.


  • Keep it at the right
    If you find your
    food constantly spoiling before the expiration date or your milk
    keeps freezing, it is likely that you need to adjust your
    refrigerator’s thermostat. It is recommended to keep your fridge
    between 34-39°F to minimize bacteria growth and maximize the shelf
    life of your food.
  • Stock smartly. Even
    if your thermostat is set to the recommended climate, different
    zones inside of the refrigerator will vary in temperature. For
    instance, the refrigerator door is usually the warmest area, and the
    bottom shelf is usually the coldest. Where in the fridge you store
    your food can impact how long it stays fresh, learn how to properly stock your refrigerator here.
  • Avoid keeping the
    door open.
    Every time you open
    your refrigerator door, as much as 50% of the cold air escapes. This
    number can be even higher when you leave the door open for long
    periods of time. By minimizing the amount of times you open your
    refrigerator door and how long you keep it open for, you can reduce
    the workload on your compressor and extend the lifespan of your
  • Do basic
    Just like your
    car needs to have its oil changed every 5,000 miles, there are some
    basic tasks you can do to keep your refrigerator running
    efficiently. Vacuum the condenser coils on the back of your unit
    every six months to remove any dust which has built up and
    periodically test the strength of the door seal. To do this, close
    your refrigerator door on a dollar bill – if you can easily remove
    the bill or slide it up and down, it is time to replace your gasket.
your refrigerator is leaking, making loud noises, or otherwise
malfunctioning, you may be able to get it repaired for a fraction of
the cost of buying a new one. If you live in New York City, Long
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