How to Get Rid of Your Refrigerator Odors


With all of the different types of food that gets stored in our refrigerators, bad smells are bound to occur. Whether it’s long-forgotten Chinese food in the back of the fridge or a piece of meat you waited too long to cook, unpleasant odors are an inevitable part of owning a refrigerator.

If your fridge is currently stinking up your whole house, here are a few ways you can shake the stench:

  • Eliminate the source of the smell. The most obvious way to get rid of the smell in your refrigerator is by throwing away the food that is causing it. If it isn’t obvious what is to blame for the smell, you may need to conduct a full clean out. Make sure to throw expired foods in the outside garbage, otherwise your kitchen will continue to smell.

  • Store your food in airtight containers. Storing your food in airtight containers will not only keep it fresh for longer, it will also lock in the smell and prevent it from spreading to the rest of your refrigerator. Some items, such as onions and garlic, can actually transfer their flavors on to other foods if kept in open containers.

  • Keep an open box of baking soda. Baking soda can be used to clean your teeth, laundry, and even your refrigerator. A natural deodorizer, baking soda has been used for decades to absorb unpleasant odors commonly found in refrigerators. Just open a box, keep it on your top shelf, and let it do the rest.

Foul odors in your refrigerator might be caused by warm temperatures. If your appliance is running warm, the fridge-fixing experts at Speedy Subzero can help keep it cool. If you live in New York City or Long Island, call us to schedule your same-day refrigerator repair at 866-782-9376.

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