How to Keep Your Refrigerator Cold During a Power Outage

is almost here, and for those of us who live in cold climates that
means snow is on the way. It seems every winter has at least one bad
storm, and heavy snow often leads to power outages. In the event that
your power goes out, use these tips to preserve the foods in your
refrigerator and freezer for as long as possible.

  • Only open your
    refrigerator when absolutely necessary.
    one should be obvious – every time you open the door to your
    refrigerator or freezer, valuable cold air escapes. When you go into
    the refrigerator, think a half an hour into the future; if you think
    you are going to need anything else within 30 minutes, take it out
    at the same time to help conserve the cold air.
  • If the weather is
    cold, pack items in a cooler and store them outside.
    your power goes out due to a snow storm, it may be wise to pack some
    of your items in a cooler and leave it outside, especially if the
    power might be out for a while. Keep the cooler out of direct
    sunlight though, and do not use this tip if you live in an area with
    dangerous wildlife – the scent of food may attract them.
  • Cover the
    refrigerator in blankets to insulate it.
    your refrigerator with thick blankets and newspaper is a great way
    to keep it insulated and extend the amount of time which it will
    keep your food cold. Be careful not to cover the vents in the back
    of the unit in case the power comes back on overnight.
  • When in doubt, throw
    it out.
    If there is any doubt
    in your mind about whether or not a food item is safe to consume,
    play it safe and throw it away. The reward is not worth the risks
    associated with eating spoiled food, such as food poisoning.
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