How to Keep Your Refrigerator Looking and Running Like New

If you
have a new refrigerator, chances are it set you back several hundreds
of dollars. The average lifespan of a new fridge is slightly longer
than a decade, but not all models last that long. If you want to
extend the lifespan of your refrigerator and protect your investment,
there are steps you can take to do so. Follow the tips below to keep
your refrigerator looking and running like new.

Clean the condenser coils
twice per year
It is
inevitable for the condenser coils on the back of your refrigerator
to become covered with dust and dirt after several months. It is
common for owners to neglect this part of refrigerator maintenance,
usually because they don’t know how important they are to keep clean.
Vacuuming these coils twice per year can do wonders for extending
your refrigerator’s life span.
Give your refrigerator a
full cleaning monthly
the inside and outside of your refrigerator once per month will help
maintain its sparkling-new appearance. A full cleaning involves
removing all food, shelves, and drawers and giving the inside surface
a full wipe down with a cleaning agent and a cloth. You should also
wash all shelves and drawers in the sink before replacing them in
your refrigerator. After the inside is clean, wash all outside
surfaces with a sponge – this includes the sides and top.
Keep your fridge full,
but not too full
operate most efficiently when they are full. The more food you have
in the refrigerator, the better it maintains its internal temperature
when the door is opened. This reduces the workload on the compressor,
which can really add up over time. If your refrigerator is usually
empty, consider adding a few jugs of water to fill it up a little
bit. Be careful though, over-stuffing a refrigerator can restrict
airflow and actually lead to warm spots.
Routinely check your door
rubber seals on your refrigerator door prevent cold air from escaping
and warm air from entering. A faulty seal causes the internal
temperature of your refrigerator to rise, which adds wear and tear to
the unit’s compressor. An easy way to test if your seals are
operating at maximum performance is to close your refrigerator door
on a dollar bill. If it is easy to slide or remove the dollar bill,
you have a weak seal. Luckily, they are cheap and easy to replace.
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