How to Make Your Meat and Dairy Last Longer

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If you didn’t already know, America has a food waste problem. According to World Food Day, about 40% of the food in our country gets thrown away. A big part of the problem is that this food expires before we get a chance to eat it – with milk and dairy being two of the biggest offenders.

If you are looking to keep your meat and dairy fresh for longer, there are two things you have to do. They are:

1). Get it from the refrigerator in the store to your refrigerator at home as quickly as possible.

The faster you get your food home, the better. Once your food reaches 40° F, bacteria growth rates begin to spike. Certain foods can go bad just two hours after being taken out of the fridge.

  • Make meat and dairy the last items you put in your shopping cart at the store.

  • Always buy your meat and dairy from the back and bottom shelves at the store. Foods at the front are exposed to more warm air, and may have already begun to spoil.

  • Go straight home from the store. Do your other errands first, or go back out after unpacking your groceries at home.

2). Once it is in the refrigerator, do your best to keep it cold.

When it comes to your meat and dairy, colder is usually always better. Limiting exposure to warm air is the best way to make these foods last longer.

  • Use a thermometer to keep track of your refrigerator’s temperature. It should consistently be between 34-38° F.

  • Keep your meat and dairy at the bottom of the refrigerator. This is where air is the coldest, which helps prevent your food from spoiling.

  • Minimize how many times you open the refrigerator door. Every time it is opened, as much as 30% of the cold air can escape.

These tips won’t make much of a difference if your refrigerator is too warm. If you can’t keep your fridge below 38° F, there could be a mechanical problem. Luckily for you, the refrigerator repair experts at Speedy Subzero are here to help! If you live in New York City or Long Island, call us for same-day repairs at 866-782-9376.

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