How to Move a Refrigerator – The Right Way

If you
are in the process of moving to a new living space without the help
of a moving company, dealing with appliances will likely be your
biggest problem. Refrigerators can be especially difficult due to
their large dimensions and heavy weight. But where there is a will,
there is a way – so if you are ready to conquer this challenge,
this guide is here to help you.

You Will Need
  • A
    friend or two – moving a refrigerator is at least a two person
    job, three would be ideal.
  • A
    moving dolly
  • Moving
  • Rope
    or bungee cords
  • Masking
    or scotch tape
Step 1: Remove all items
from the refrigerator.
everything that can be removed from the inside of your refrigerator
and freezer. This includes food items, ice cube trays, and adjustable
shelves. You can also remove the drawers or tape them shut –
whichever you prefer. You should also remove all exterior items, such
as magnets.
Step 2: Defrost. After
everything is removed from the refrigerator, unplug it from the wall
and allow all of the ice in the freezer to melt. This process will
take several hours, so it is a good idea to do it overnight. After it
is unplugged, secure the power cord so it does not get in the way
during the moving process. A simple way of doing this is taping it to
the side of the unit.
Step 3: Clean the inside.
When your refrigerator has
defrosted, dry the inside thoroughly with a towel. Once it is all
dry, it is a good idea to give the entire interior a wipe down with
your favorite cleaning agent. This will prevent mold, mildew, and
unpleasant odors from developing during the move.
Step 4: Secure the doors.
Use your bungee cords or rope
to tie the refrigerator doors shut so there is no chance of them
opening during the moving process. Using tape will likely leave
sticky residue along the exterior.
Step 5: Load the
refrigerator onto the dolly.
most refrigerators, you will simply be able to slide the dolly right
underneath the base. Make sure the back of the dolly is firmly
pressed against the refrigerator and tie it in place with moving
straps. This is a particularly good idea if you have to go down
Step 6: Move it onto the
Once the refrigerator is
securely positioned on the dolly, tip it back and begin making your
way to the truck with one person in back and one person in front
helping to guide the process. Always move forward, or opposite the
position that the refrigerator is tilted, to maintain optimal safety.

moving the refrigerator down a flight of stairs, slow and steady is
the key. Take it one step at a time, literally, and have one or two
people easing the bottom on to each step. Always make sure to be
communicating so that everyone is on the same page.
loading the refrigerator onto the moving truck, pull the dolly
instead of pushing it (or moving it backwards as opposed to
forwards). Unload it from the dolly and place it upright. Try to
secure it by barricading it with other heavy furniture to make sure
it maintains an upright position throughout the move. It is
important that the refrigerator stays upright so that oil from the
compressor does not mix with the coolant.
Step 7: Unload it and put
it in its new position.
you arrive at your new home, move the refrigerator into its new place
using the same method you used to get it in the truck. Plug it in
immediately and give it at least a full 24 hours to cool to a
sufficient temperature before putting any perishable food in it.
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