How to Organize Your Refrigerator

For most people, only two things matter when they are stocking their refrigerators: how much food you can make room for and how fast you can get it done. However, taking the time to organize your refrigerator the right way can be very beneficial. The temperature inside of your refrigerator is always fluctuating, and it can be very different from area of the fridge to another. Storing your food in the right areas of your refrigerator can keep it fresh for longer and make it easier to find.
So what is the right way to stock a refrigerator? This infographic from Greatist illustrates it.
  • The refrigerator door experiences the greatest temperature fluctuations, so you will want to store your spoilage-resistant foods here such as condiments, dressings,
    and beverages.
  • Upper shelves are generally the warmest area in the refrigerator after the door, so this area is best used for foods which do not need to be cooked. Since this is also the most eye-level area of most refrigerators, it is the perfect place to keep your ready-to-eat foods and leftovers.
  • Lower shelves are the coldest place in your refrigerator, so use it to store all of
    your spoilage-prone foods such as raw meats and dairy products. Storing your meats on the bottom shelf will also prevent them from dripping and contaminating other foods.
  • Crisper drawers are specially-designed to provide optimal storage conditions for fruits and vegetables. Store your fresh produce in these drawers, making sure to keep fruits and veggies separated with proper humidity settings.
  • On top of the refrigerator can get very warm, so avoid using it as a shelf for your bread, produce, and wines. Instead, store nonfood items here such as cookbooks, containers, or paper towels.
If you notice that all of your food is prematurely spoiling no matter
where you store it, your refrigerator may be malfunctioning. When a
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