How To Prepare Your Refrigerator For Holiday Travel

The holiday season is a busy one for traveling. If you’re packing your bags and hitting the road this month you might be wondering what to do with everything in your fridge. Make sure your refrigerator is ready for your holiday travel with these tips:

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Long Weekend

If you’re skipping away for a short trip for a long weekend or a few days, here are some basic steps you should take:

Check expiration dates — Expired milk, cheese, eggs, cream and meat, can produce some nasty smells. Toss any perishables so you can come home to a pleasant smelling house.

Raise the temperature — With at-risk perishables gone, turn the temperature up a degree or two to save some energy. Just remember to always keep it as close to 40°F as possible.


If you’re extending your holiday vacay for up to 10 days, avoid a fridge disaster with these tips:

Buy fewer groceries — It’s better to run out of food before a trip than to waste what you have.

Remove most perishables — Unless you just bought your milk and veggies, they’ll probably be spoiled by the time you return.

Freeze your meat — Freezing your meat will help extend it’s shelf life. Thaw and eat it when you get home.

Get rid of leftovers — If you haven’t eaten it by now, you definitely won’t eat it when it’s back. The less you have in your fridge, the more pleasant it will be to come home to.

Turn up the temperature — Unless you plan to leave some perishables in the fridge, you should raise the temperature of the fridge to about 38 degrees Fahrenheit; this ensures coolness and longevity for perishable goods, and also helps save on energy costs.


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